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We support new witches and the witch curious through magic, knowledge and community.


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Awaken, Dear One!

Merry meet, witch! I am Meg Rosenbriar.

I am a hedgewitch with over 15 years experience. I started by reading tarot and astrology and that opened me to the wonderful world of witchcraft. I love teaching new witches about that same joy of performing true magic.

I am the author of, 'The Healing Power of Witchcraft' a tome of healing, self-love, connection, and power through spells, rituals, and knowledge. I founded Witch With Me in January of 2020 and I look forward to welcoming new witches to join the circle for years to come.

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Founded in January 2020, we are an online community dedicated to welcoming the new witch and witch curious into the Circle.

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