Welcome Witches

Gather Close

Enjoy this welcome performance by Che Correa, Calypso FireWitch - "A Very Krampus Yule"

Gather the Witches is proudly sponsored by Witchology Magazine

Shoppe our community led Fayre from now until Imbolc and support witchy small businesses this winter.

1:00pm Coven Market Winter Fayre LIVE! Join us to meet witchy small business owners and discover their wares.

Yule Party Zoom Room!

View any portion you miss tomorrow via recording posted here to this event access page.

2:oo pm

Yule Party zoom room

4:00pm Story Hour

Folk Witch and Author, Cory Thomas Hutcheson shares creepy lore and scary folktales of Yule. 

5:00pm Tarot Parlour

Tiktok sensation Madam Adam presents a live tarot parlour.

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