Fall Coven Opening Ceremony October 2nd

Make Magic Together

Witch With Me Coven is offered four sessions per year.

Fall: October - December 

Winter: January - March 

Spring: April  - June 

Summer: July - September 

Join this Season's Coven

Your three month Coven membership includes:

Full Moon Rituals

Each Month We Gather!

Make full moon magic together to create positive change in your life.

Witchcraft Workshops

Learn Witchcraft!

Each month a class is offered to explore a new topic of witchy knowledge.

Guest Speakers

Meet Professional Witches!

We bring you a monthly master class taught by the best and brightest authors, creators, and teachers in modern witchcraft.

Meet Other Witches

Make Friends!

Is it hard to find other witches? Well here they are and we all want the same thing - to meet each other and enjoy some witchcraft!

Who is this Coven for?

NOTE: We are an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, and national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

  • New Witches
    We welcome the new witch and witch curious! Are more experienced witches welcome? Of course! Just know our content is beginner focused and informed.
  • Knowledge Seekers
    Our Coven is for explorers of magic, thinkers of another realm, alchemists, mystics, seers, and energy workers. We are serious about learning our craft which is why we meet once a month to have a workshop on various witchcraft topics. We also host professional witches as guest speakers so you can experience a range of knowledge and perspectives. We know knowledge is the silver key to unlock our power so we pour it generously.
  • Kindred Spirits
    This is a space of open hearts and open minds. We respect each other. We form friendships and partnerships. We become colleagues and teachers. We talk about intimate topics like healing and devotion to spirits and how to be a witch out of the broom closet. We grow together, perhaps as very different house plants, but we will all appreciate the variety of blooms.

Together We Gather

Consistency in Your Practice

Commitment to Yourself

Living the Life of a Witch

Making Magic for Positive Change

Meg Rosenbriar

Merry Meet! I am Meg Rosenbriar, the founder of Witch With Me and your Coven leader.

I created Witch With Me in 2020, just weeks before the pandemic hit. Over the past three years it has been my honor to grow an online community with thousands of other witches, searching for knowledge and fellowship. 

Will you join in our magic? We so hope you will. We are stronger together.

The More the Merrier Path

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