Submission Guidelines

Our blog is another way for our Witch With Me community to connect, learn and grow. We are focused, first and foremost, on you, our community. Articles range from informative posts about witchy topics to our favorite images from our followers.

Whether you are an expert witch or new to your path, we’d love to hear from you. Our focus is on articles that:

  • Tie into the current month’s theme or seasonal energies.
  • Are outwardly focused on our broader community or paths (not our own selves), with the intent to share knowledge.
  • Are short and sweet.
  • Come from community members (join the email list, follow us on Instagram and/or spend time with us in our Facebook community).

Author Payment

At this time, we cannot pay blog authors for their articles. We are actively working on changing this and will update our policies as soon as we can!

Submission Guidelines

Here’s how it works: Head on over to our Write for Us page to submit your pitch. Include the following in your pitch:

  • How the article ties into the current month’s theme (or how it might tie into upcoming seasonal energies)
  • A draft title
  • A brief paragraph describing the article (or the article itself, if you’ve already written it)
  • A brief (1-2 sentence) author bio written in the third person
  • Social media and/or website links

We’ll let you know within a week if we accept your pitch. If we do, you’ll start the process of working with our editor.

Working with Our Editor

Our editor, Angie, will work with you to ensure each piece meets our publishing criteria, including editing for length, clarity and those pesky comma placements. Your article must:

  • Be 500-1000 words in length, broken into smaller sections with sub-headings for ease of reading.
  • Have an informative tone. Depending on the piece, a more casual tone may be okay.
  • Include two to three high-quality photos.
    • The photos may be personal with permission granted to publish, or royalty-free with attribution included.
    • Horizontal orientation is preferred, but vertical photos will be accepted.
    • Photos must be free of any added text or logos. (Text and logos on labels, books, or other objects captured in the image are acceptable.
  • Be submitted in a Word or Google doc for ease of editing and formatting. No PDFs, please.
  • Be spell-checked prior to submission.

Angie will edit and format the post for your review. After working with you to polish the piece, Angie will add it to the queue for publishing!

Head over to the Write for Us page to get started. We look forward to reading your wonderful works.

Grow your craft. Walk your path. Witch with me.

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