Welcome to the results of the first Witch With Me Census!

Last year, more than 16,000 witches completed the census survey, enabling us to all get a glimpse into the shape of the witchcraft community. These graphics are the results of the vast majority of data collected from those surveys - so much data that it has taken us nearly a year to organise it all!

Not all of the questions translated well into data that we could use, so if you can't see the results for a question you were hoping to see, this is why! However, we have learned from the experience of the first census and will be using that to inform a new, and improved census for 2021.

It is also important to note these numbers are only reflective of those who took the survey. For example, of course there is more than one witch in Lithuania! Our hope is you will all help share the 2021 census (coming soon!) far and wide, so we may capture more voices this year.

Ultimately, we are just so excited to share these results with you, results that we believe will help us all to understand more about the depth and breadth of the witch community.

To say that we are privileged enough to live in an age where a witch census is possible is an understatement. Our ancestors would never have had the chance to see what the global witchcraft community would look like, but in this technological era, we have an incredible opportunity to understand more about our fellow practitioners and in turn, ourselves. Let us collectively stand in our power, take ownership of our craft, and be proud of who we are.

We would love to share your story with the census results. If you would like to take part in our Census Month on Witch With Me, fill out our Witches of the World form and we will feature you on one of our many platforms.



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