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The author will greet you with a welcome video introducing themselves and sharing the story of how their book came to be. 

The author will provide guided study PDFs for this week's chapters.

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Club meeting via zoom

The Book Club leader will meet with the club via zoom to connect on how the book is reading so far for everyone.

The author will provide guided study PDFs for this week's chapters.

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author video

The author will share a video with you about the content of this week's chapters. Get ready to see some practical magick in action!

The author will provide guided study PDFs for this week's chapters.

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Club meeting with author via zoom

Wrap up this amazing guided experience with a moderated book club meeting LIVE with the author. Ask questions, share your perspective, dive deeper.

The author will provide guided study PDFs for this week's chapters.

September Book Club Selections

About the Book

Get Unstuck, Find Inspiration, and Take the Next Step on Your Path

The Witch's Path is all about raising your Witchcraft practice to the next level―whether you're a beginner who feels overwhelmed, a disillusioned adept, a jaded coven leader, or anyone in between. This book shares specific, hands-on tips for what you can do to move forward spiritually today, no matter what your starting point.

Join Thorn Mooney on an exploration of the most common themes practitioners need to look into when they're feeling stagnant or stuck: sacred space, devotion, ritual and magic, personal practice, and community. Every chapter features four separate exercises, designed for four different types of readers, so you can come back to this book as you grow and discover fresh techniques and activities. The Witch's Path helps renew your sense of engagement with the Craft so you can continue evolving your spirit, your practice, and yourself.


Book Club Zoom Meeting Dates*

 October 16th @ 3 pm est and October 30th @ 4 pm est

*all club meetings will be recorded and emailed out to those who could not attend the meetings live

About Thorn

My name is Thorn Mooney and I’m a witch living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I began studying and practicing various forms of witchcraft as a young teenager. Now in my thirties, I find myself a working Gardnerian priestess with a strong solitary practice that relies on techniques culled from as assortment of Western esoteric traditions and what is sometimes called “traditional” witchcraft. I’m also heavily influenced by an extensive academic background, having specialized in American religions, evangelical Christianity, and contemporary Paganism at the MA level. I moonlight as a lecturer and independent scholar, but professionally I work in academic publishing.

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About the Book

Embodied Witchcraft for Wisdom, Connection & Power

This book is a guide to the most magical tool in your possession―your body. Not just your physical flesh-and-blood body, but also your symbolic Witch body, the conduit for bringing the material and metaphysical worlds together. Within these pages, you will explore hands-on magical practices, exercises, and sigils related to your Witch Lungs, Heart, Bones, Mind, and the spiraling path of your inner Serpent.

Magic flows most freely when you are in tune with your intuition and the power of your true self. Through dozens of activities, prompts, spells, and rituals, Anatomy of a Witch helps you connect with the seen and unseen worlds, your ancestors, and your living community. Discover the profound correspondences between your body, the mythos of tarot, and the five elements. Practice rituals and activities for protection, warding, rebalancing your home, and embracing your body, despite the limiting beliefs that society foists upon us. This book teaches you how to tap into your personal power as you make a pilgrimage to the inner workings of your true self.

Includes a foreword by Christopher Penczak, bestselling author of The Temple of Witchcraft series

Book Club Zoom Meeting Dates*

 October 16th @ 1 pm est and October 30th @ 1 pm est

*all club meetings will be recorded and emailed out to those who could not attend the meetings live

About Laura

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Meg Rosenbriar

- Witch With Books Founder

Meg is a Hedge Witch living on the Connecticut Shoreline. She holds degrees from Merrimack College and Yale University in studies of religion, spirituality, and divinity. Her first book, The Healing Power of Witchcraft: A New Witch’s Guide to Spells and Rituals to Renew Yourself and Your World. She is the co-founder of Witch With Me, a multi-platform community dedicated to the sharing of witchcraft by witches for witches. She was named the 2020 Marion Blonde Community Service Award winner. Her mission is wakening and growing the witch community.

Email: Meg@witchwithme.com

Instagram: @megrosenbriar

vincent higginbotham

- Club Leader

Vincent is the author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life: Practical Advice for Transformative Magick. He has been called to Witchcraft his entire life but failed to pay attention for longer than would like to admit. Since truly taking this path seriously he has found his hunger for education is insatiable and consumes books in an attempt to quench his thirst for knowledge. It is never enough. There is no subject Vincent finds taboo and he believes that every Witch’s voice is deserving of an audience. 

Email: vincent@witchwithme.com

Instagram: @vincent_higginbotham