our 4 week magical boot camp for the beginner witch

Join Us this Autumn



At Camp The Magic Comes Alive

We know what it is like to be a new witch.

Overwhelmed. Confused. Unsure.

That all changes when you join our 4 week magical boot camp.

Deep autumn approaches and we take to the woods, the night, the moon and our power.

Now is the time to join our Camp.

Now is the time to commit to yourself and your future and finally grow your witchy knowledge.

It is time to Rise. It is time to Fly.

The Magic is in Finding Thyself

The Magic is in the Knowledge

The Magic is in Finding Others

By the End of Witch Camp You Will

  • Have a firm understanding of magic, what it means to be a witch, and how to live a witchy life
  • The mystical meaning and uses of The Witch's Code - "as above, so below" 
  • How to fine-tune your body, mind, and intention to connect with the cycles nature
  • Understand how to engage the sun, moon, and planets for self understanding & witchcraft
  • Learn how to prepare for (and recover from!) spellcasting and spellwork
  • Know which energies and elements you need as allies to maximize your spellwork
  • Know what tools, methods, and magical correspondences work for different spell goals
  • Celebrate The Witch's Wheel of the Year
  • Learn about three different divination methods: tarot, scrying, and pendulum.
  • Receive an additional, downloadable PDF of the meanings of all tarot cards
  • Meet other new witches in our private Witch With Me Facebook group
  • Feel confident in your abilities to transform energy for positive change
  • Be a full fledged witch, ready to practice, grow, and learn for the rest of your life