Thorsonn's Workshop

Beautiful handcrafted wares. Wheels of the year, pendulum boards, jewellery, bind rune creation, and divination. Old gods & old ways. Shamanic practice. Commissions welcome.

Branch & Bone Crafts

Makers of wands, bone carvings, and shiny sharp things

Arts & Witchcrafts

A variety of witchy wares, including candles, body sprays, art, and tea

Wild Sundry

I am a witchy mama of 3 and maker. I create macrame decor and accessories, dream catchers and anything else I can add a touch of bohemian whimsy to.

JUL by Julia

Scandinavian Yuletide decorations for your tree, altar & home! From birchwood animal ornaments to little clay house sprites to remind you that we share our home with unseen guests during the darkest month.

Fae Dreamer

I make moon dreamer wall hangings with various crystal beads, faux flowers, and whimsical polymer clay creations. I also make triquetra wall hangings.

Raven Oracle

Classes on Spiritual and Wiccan topics, maker workshops, Tarot and remote readings

Alchemy of Avalon

Tea Shoppe and Apothecary for the Magickal and Medicinal: teas, salves, essential oil sprays, perfume oils and more inspired by Avalon, Witchcraft, Goddess lore, literature and nerd culture! Run by a Certified Herbalist and practicing Avalonian Witch. Clinical Herbalist consultations, custom teas, and yoni steams also available.

Star Ametrine Apothecary

Folk herbalist, tarot reader, & wise woman handcrafting ritual oils, botanical tisanes, flower essences, botanical incense, and aura mists. 

Angie Knight-Reiter

Psychic Tarot readings, soul coaching, and/or online classes. Gain insight and learn how to identify small, actionable steps to change your life, forever. Readings available in-person via zoom or written.

The Cord & The Clove

Modern Macrame inspired by folklore & tales of old. Using ethically sourced feathers, flowers & skulls. As well as sustainable and recycled cotton.

Mother Earth Customs

Crystals, oils, herbs, witchy things

The Wild Moon Garden

Littlest shop in the Enchanted Woods. Witchy knits and spell pouches.

The Serpent Thread

One-of-a-kind, hand embroidered devotional art born from a night owl’s restless sleep.

Sharon Lynn Fisher - Author

19th century fantasy tales full of fairy creatures, ancient gods, alchemy, and elemental magic. “Quite a wonderfully dizzying mashup of a historical setting, time travel of a sorts, and the fae.” - Book Riot

Rory's Cupboard

At Rory's Cupboard, I create Torches, Pentagrams, Amalgams, and Salts with plants and herbs that I've grown or ethically harvested in the wild! As a Green Witch, I've always wanted to create items for witches of all paths to use on their journey, and Rory's Cupboard is the embodiment of that dream. 

Izabelas Enchantments

I am selling my illustrations as prints, also printed on altar cloths, mugs, pillows, bookmarks, amulets,... I also do tarot readings and personal sigils.


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