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What are and or is Hex-Files? Well, it all started as mini episodes for the breakout hit paranormal and witchcraft podcast, Cursed! (We know you probably haven’t heard of Cursed podcast but it’s good, trust us...but also, trust no one). When faced with the overwhelming amount of truth that’s out there, somewhere, Hex-Files was instated as its own entity. It’s the podcast that no one asked for and “they” don’t want you to know about. As witches, we know two fundamental things: 1. We are curious creatures and 2. our practice and craft can bring us face to face with the strange and unknown. Whether covering ghosts, demons, goblins, Bigfoot, or aliens, we are here to try to make sense of it all without crying ourselves to sleep. Josh and Tamara are often humorous, usually spooky, and always searching. So, pour a drink and join us as we uncover and investigate the stories, lore, and mysteries that you always wanted to know more about but were too afraid to google without turning on SafeSearch.

Instagram: @cursedcast @hexfilespod

Josh has been a practicing witch for over 10 years and a seeker of the strange for even longer. Growing up, they had many personal experiences with the odd and unexplainable, which only fueled their need for answers. After discovering and practicing witchcraft, they not only found some explanations but also learned that there is far more out there to explore. 

Tamara is a human person who is magical and (obviously) not a gremlin. She also most definitely doesn’t want the Fae to come get her...nope, not at all.

Josh McWilliams and Tamara Cunningham


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