The Foundations of Sanse: Puerto Rican Vodou

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Jennifer Medway began practicing the occult and esoteric arts at a tender young age when her mother gave her a tarot deck. Rootwork and hoodoo run in Jennifer’s family in Louisiana. Her mother’s cousin, Maybelline, was a professional rootworker whom locals called The Swamp Witch. Jennifer carries on her family tradition and works as a rootworker, Reiki Master, witch, ceremonial magician, and Sancista at her company Serpentine Spiritual Arts. She has celebrity (including New York Times #1 bestselling novelists, award-winning musicians, models, artists, scientists, and drag queens who won RuPaul’s Drag Race), and international clients as far as Europe, Africa, and Thailand. She trained with some of the top occult professionals internationally and is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. Jennifer presented working with La Santa Muerte during the Daisy L. Machado lecture at Vanderbilt University. She is researching the occult sciences and folklore while a master’s candidate. Jennifer attended Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, where she earned her BA in English. She has published spiritual poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in several journals, including Cornell’s Rainy Day and Goddess and the Moon Metaphysical Journal. Jennifer is also a successful equestrian with many championships, and her students have won five state championships.

Sanse originated in Puerto Rico and is comprised of Espiritismo, 21 Divisiones, Taino practices, and brujeria. Sancistas serve the Lwa who bestow protection, prosperity, health, and many other blessings. This presentation explores the origins, history, basic tenets, practices, ceremonies, and seven divisions of Sanse. Participants learn about the Lwa, their feast days, altars, colors, offerings, lore, and how to begin a relationship with them before a Sanse initiation. We also explore working with ancestors and the commissions of spirit guides. During this presentation, Sancista Jennifer shows participants how to work with Papa Legba and make products for engaging with the spirits. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Jennifer Medway


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