Day of the Dead and and All Saints Day in the Americas

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About The Speaker

What you will learn:

  • Historical overview of Dia De Los Muertos in the Americas
    • Touching on
      • Cultural Significance
      • Roots of certain practices
      • Modern ways these days are celebrated in today’s society.
  • Traditional Ancestral Altars for DDLM across the Americas (Aztec, Taino, and North American)
  • Components of a DDLM altar
  • How to Respectfully Honor your Ancestors on Day of the Dead.
    • Practices to honor the departed.

  • Jai Correa and Cyn Travieso are two Modern Brujas, using their platform to take back their spiritual power and reclaim their Bruja ancestry.  Jai is a spiritualist and tarot reader based out of upstate NY and her practice focuses on ancestor veneration and decolonization at the beginning of a spiritual journey. Cyn is a multi-generational curandera based out of the New York City Metropolitan Area, her practice focuses on creating space for those in need of energy healing and those seeking to learn the practice of indigenous healing modalities for well-being.

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    Jai Correa

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