Spirit Communication: an Introduction to Mediumship and Channeling

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About The Speaker

What you will learn on this topic:

  • Learn what mediumship and channeling really is
  • Learn various techniques to help you become a professional medium and channeler
  • Learn what you can expect during and after spirited sessions with yourself and clients

Anielle Reid is the creator of the Magick and Mediums Oracle in addition to the Magick and Mediums podcast. She is a witch and psychic-medium,channel who is passionate about demystifying the occult. She has been featured on various pagan outlets and podcasts including Pathos, I am Goddess Collective Podcast and Charmed Life with Tricia Carr Podcast. 

Reid is currently creating The Magick and Mediums Oracle Volume II in addition to The Slavic Oracle. When she is not creating oracle decks or providing readings she is songwriting and banjo playing in the folk duo Boy Girl Banjo. Reid has appeared on multiple outlets including WNYC and TED for her musical works.




Anielle Reid


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