Working with Spirit Guides: Traveling to the Unseen Realms 

With the thinning veil, our access to the unseen world is easier. Let’s use that to our advantage and take a trip to the Lower Realm to meet one of your guides. 

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About The Speaker

In this workshop, you’ll not only be taken on a guided journey to meet a powerful spirit ally, but you’ll also learn:

 - About the three realms of the unseen world: Lower, Middle & Upper
 - A simple technique to energetically anchor yourself
 - Why spiritual hygiene is important
 - How to energetically protect yourself when traveling on psychic journeys

Angie Knight-Reiter (she/her) is a soul coach, Tarot reader and metaphysical educator. As a psychic witch, she is well-known for bringing hard-hitting truth bombs to her students and clients while cheerleading them on to their best. With an emphasis on honest assessment, radical compassion and unconditional support, along with a hefty dose of  pragmatism, she helps clients understand their story and how to change it, so they can live their most authentic, empowered lives. Angie’s background includes event planning, marketing, project management and education, including a stint teaching English 101 to first-year university students. She has practiced witchcraft and read Tarot cards for more than 20 years. Angie is currently working on an Embodied Intuition 101 journal/workbook to bring her teachings to a greater audience, and she periodically produces Geology of the Soul, a show focusing on witchcraft, Tarot and astrology.

Angie Knight-Reiter


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