Witch With Confidence

The Keys to Witchcraft is our 13 week immersive experience for the beginner witch.

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Join Us to Experience Witchcraft

When you are experiencing you are learning holistically.

Our Keys to Witchcraft course delivers multiple ways to experience magic.

  • 13 week online interactive course
    Lessons | Methods | Rituals & Spells | Videos | Tarot Spreads | Journal Prompts | Self-Initiation Ceremony
  • Private mentorship
    Begin your experience with a one hour private natal birth chart reading to uncover your powers and magical allies. End your experience with a tarot reading to inspire the future of your path.

  • Community Circle
    Enjoy full access to our Full Moon Zoom Circle, our Sabbat Celebration classes, and our private Facebook group.
    Looking for witchy friends? So is everyone else joining too!

The Magic is in the Commitment

We know what it is like to be a new witch.

Overwhelmed. Confused. Unsure. Alone.

That all changes when you join our interactive, immersive course experience.

Now is the time to step into your power.

Now is the time to commit to yourself and your future.

For the cost of a weekend getaway you can finally become the Witch you are.

It is time to Rise.

The Magic is in the Knowledge

The Magic is in Finding Thyself

The Magic is in Finding Others

By Course End You Will

  • Have a firm understanding of what it is to be a witch and practice witchcraft
  • Begin the process of fine-tuning your psychic abilities and intuition
  • Understand how to craft your own spells
  • Know which energies you need to tap into to maximise your spellwork and how to tap into them
  • Understand how your astrological birth chart affects your personal journey as a witch
  • Have access to a community of like-minded witchy friends
  • Create an altar and consecrate your essential tools
  • Understand how to work with spirits and deitiesKnow how to use magic to create positive change
  •  Create daily rituals to transform your life
  • Feel confident in your abilities to transform energy for positive change