The Academy

Mission Statement

The Academy is a community educational institution dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of modern witchcraft.


Protection and Defense Magick

Instructed by Julia Celeste

Magickal protection and defense comes in many forms. Julia teaches ancient methods made modern and accessible to the beginner witch.

Spellcrafting 101

Instructed by Jamie Della

Learn the essentials of spellcrafting from Jamie Della, author of national bestseller The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft.

Beginning a Witch’s Apothecary

Instructed by Josie Hellebore

Calling aspiring Green Witches! Begin your journey into herbalism and learn the medicinal and metaphysical properties of our plants friends.

Introduction to Water Magic

Instructed by Annwyn Avalon

Explore the powerful depths of water magic from rivers and oceans to rituals and potions.

The New Witch’s Guide

Produced by Witch With Me

Download our beginner witch guide to start witching today!


Introduction to Hoodoo with Aunt Carla

Instructed by Carla Lynne Hall

Aunt Carla imparts her wisdom to new witches interested in learning her modern take on this survival witchcraft practice that grew out of American slavery.

Salem Magick

Instructed by Sarah Justice

Learn intricacies of Salem Magick, including concocting oxymels, elixirs, poultices and balms used at that time, as well as divination, conjure, and typical cunningfolk-type work that the witches of Salem brought with them from England.

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