5 Essential Spellwork Herbs

By Meg Rosenbriar | Instagram | Facebook Herbs have been used medicinally since the dawn of time. While the medicinal properties of all plants are extremely beneficial to know and use, did you know herbs can be used metaphysically (magickally) as well in spellwork? Every herb has correspondences that connect it to the great web …

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A Witch’s Salt

by Jane Jackalope | Instagram | Shop In my practice, I frequently use salt for its various properties. It can be for its grounding principals or its protection. It helps tan my hides and preserve my ferments. It represents earth, but comes from the sea. This simple ingredient can have so many uses in the …

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Four Thieves Vinegar

Recipe by Meg Rosenbriar, the Witch of the Shoreline. Four thieves vinegar is a magickal mixture used primarily in dark energy work to banish, repel, and disrupt. It can also be used in light energy work to cleanse and protect. Use it with confidence and in high energy for best results in spellwork. It is …

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