The Witches’ Lair Bundle



Digitally access all 21 presentations from Gather the Witches 2020.

Presentations included in this package:

  1. Sigils, Spirits, and Signs by Laura Tempest Zakroff
  2. Spellcasting by Devin Hunter
  3. Cooking with the Dead by Lilith Dorsey
  4. The Horned God of the Witches: Nature, Death & The Devil by Jason Mankey
  5. Salem Witches Spill the Tea: Tea Leaf Reading by Sandra Wright and Leanne Marrama
  6. Honoring our Ancestors of Land, Blood and Spirit by Annwyn Avalon
  7. Wormwood Magick by Christopher Penczak
  8. Working with Spirit Guides: Traveling to the Unseen Realms by Angie Knight-Reiter 
  9. The American Haunting by J. Allen Cross
  10. Goddess of Death by Astrea Taylor
  11. The Soul of Place by Jamie Della
  12. Foundations of Sanse Puerto Rican Vodou by Jennifer Medway
  13. The Compass Round Ritual by Kelden Mercury
  14. Witchcraft Within the Landscape by Val Thomas
  15. Spirit Communication: an Introduction to Mediumship and Channeling by Anielle Reid
  16. Divination and the Thinning Veil by Hana O’Neill
  17. Hex-Files Podcast Special Presentation by Josh McWilliams and Tamara Cunningham
  18. Samhain from the Folk Perspective by Temperance Alden
  19. The Astrology of Samhain by Tenae Stewart
  20. Day of the Dead by Jai Correa and Cyn Travieso
  21. Glam-O-Ween by Michael Herkes

 Plus! Access our Main Stage entertainment video for hours of amazing witchy music and talent.


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