July Book Club: Do I Have to Wear Black?


Readers in July’s Witch With Books Club will enjoy a four week, author-guided study program of Do I Have to Wear Black by Mortellus

Club Includes:

  • Downloadable, printable study-guide PDFs corresponding to each week’s chapters
  • Author welcome video
  • Author check-in video
  • Club meeting with Club leaders via Zoom at halfway point
  • Final Club meeting LIVE with the author
  • Discount code to purchase Do I Have to Wear Black through Llewellyn Worldwide (book not included with club)

About Do I Have to Wear Black

A Guidebook for the Modern Pagan Funeral

Explore death and dying from the perspective of magical and Pagan communities. Filled with rituals, meditations, legal considerations, and practical advice, this book provides profound insights into death as a spiritual process.

Within these pages, you will discover more than fifty rituals for funerals, memorials, and remembrances as well as meditations for mourning and letting go. Each chapter shares the beliefs and specific rituals of a distinct tradition, including British Traditional Wicca, Dis-cordianism, Eclectic Wicca, Heathenry, Hellenism, Druidry, Thelema, and more.

You will also discover hands-on advice for creating shrouds, coffins, and death masks as well as tips for advanced planning, wills, and power of attorney. Whether you want to share this book with a non-Pagan funeral professional, learn what to expect at a Pagan funeral, or develop a ritual for a loved one’s passing, the wealth of material within is designed to help readers experience final transitions in a spiritually meaningful way. With contributions from a variety of practitioners across many traditions, Do I Have to Wear Black? delivers a multitude of magical rites and detailed explanations in one thorough manual.


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