Meg Rosenbriar is an author, sometimes poet, astrologist, and Hedgewitch living with her husband and two children on the Connecticut shoreline. Meg is the co-founder of Witch With Me and Witch With Books platforms. She has been a student of the occult her whole life, holding degrees in religion from Merrimack College and Yale School of Divinity. Her practice centers on positive energy work, community building, and embracing an intentional, witchy lifestyle. Her first book, "The Healing Power of Witchcraft' released October 2020.,

Jason Mankey is a practicing Wiccan-Witch with a focus on deity, Witch and occult history, the Horned God, rock and roll, and living the most magickal life possible. Jason has been practicing the Craft for over twenty-five years and during that time has come to embrace initiatory Craft while remaining true to his more eclectic roots. Jason lives in the Bay Area's Silicon Valley where he and his wife help run two Witchcraft covens.

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