Opening Ceremony Submissions

Want to be a part of the Gather the Witches Festival?

Come and join in the Opening Ceremony!

Each day of Gather the Witches Festival will begin with a montage of videos submitted by the community. These videos will feature members of the community lighting a candle to symbolize the warmth and light of the event and set the intention for each day.

For the Video:

  • If you feel called to, dress in your finest Samhain outfit.
  • Begin your video by lighting a candle.
  • Cast a spell, dance, beat a drum, whatever you feel like doing!
  • To end your video, bring the candle up to the camera so that it focuses on the flame.

Filming Requirements:

  • Videos must be a maximum of 35 seconds.
  • Must be filmed in landscape.
  • Footage should be high-definition (most smartphones can accommodate this).
  • Ensure that you have completed and included with your footage the Media Release form which you can download below.

The deadline for Opening Ceremony submissions is September 25th.

Please send your footage along with your media release form to

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