The New Witch’s Guide

Are you new to witchcraft? Unsure of where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there? You are not alone. We receive hundreds of messages every month from witch-curious people who feel the same way. This is why we created The New Witch’s Guide to introduce you to witchcraft in a simplified, accessible format.

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The Guide Includes over 80 Pages of:

  • Essential beginner information so you can start witching today
  • Definitions of witchy terms and concepts you need to know
  • Simplified explanations of methods and powers used in magickal workings
  • Easy practical magick: beginner spells, rituals, recipes, charms and more
  • Suggestions for other resources to help you on your witchy path

Bonus Materials

We have also added plenty of amazing bonus materials to fully immerse you in the learning process and build your collection of witchy resources. Bonus materials include:

  • Password Access to an Exclusive New Witch’s Guide Facebook Group
  • 10 Minute Guided Meditation
  • Two Hand-Drawn Reference Printables
    • Common Herbs Illustration
    • Wheel of the Year Illustration
  • Two Hand-Drawn Journal Page Printables
  • Five Hand-Drawn Book of Shadows Printables
    • Book of Shadows Cover Page
    • Book of Shadows Spell Pages (Four different pages!)
  • Three Hand-Drawn Divination Spreads
    • Three Card Tarot Spread
    • Pendulum Board
    • Rune Spread

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We hope you enjoy your complimentary introduction to The New Witch’s Guide.

Ready to take the next steps in expanding your Craft? Continue on with our four-part guide for new witches. Topics include how to connect with your inner witch and with nature, ways start on your merry path, and how to embrace a witchy lifestyle.

The New Witch’s Guide

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