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As the world's oldest and largest independent publisher of books for body, mind, and spirit, Llewellyn is dedicated to bringing our readers the very best in metaphysical books and resources. Since 1901, we've been at the forefront of holistic and metaphysical publishing and thought. We've been a source of illumination, instruction, and new perspectives on a wealth of topics, including witchcraft and Paganism, earth-based spirituality, tarot, astrology, wellness, magic, and the paranormal. We also partner with Italian tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo and Australian oracle publisher Blue Angel to provide additional tarot decks, oracles, books, and more to our readers.

From ebooks and apps to our newly launched virtual annual LlewellynCon and bi-monthly Llewellyn Virtual Author Forums, Llewellyn has embraced the changing times and needs of our readers and community to continue our mission. We continue to strive to be the world's leading provider of works for personal growth and the transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

Upon our founding in 1901 by Llewellyn George, our publications were centered around astrology. That changed in 1961, when Llewellyn was purchased by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. Called the “father of New Age” for his public sponsorship of occult subjects that at the time were unpopular and often denounced, Carl led the company by his ideals and insistence on excellence. He truly believed that the information contained within the books that he published would help us all become, as he was fond of saying, “more than we currently are.” His dedication to light, love, knowledge, and empowerment continues to guide us today.

In the 1970s, Llewellyn contributed to the burgeoning New Age movement, sponsoring Gnosticon Festivals, opening an occult school and bookstore, and publishing the occult newspaper Gnostica. In 1974, Carl Weschcke’s “Principles of Wiccan Belief” was adopted by the US Army Chaplains. During this time, Llewellyn published or re-issued influential works by Raymond Buckland, Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Lady Sheba, Melita Denning, and Osborne Phillips. In the 1980s, the Wiccan/Paganism movement in the US continued to flourish, with Llewellyn titles such as Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham and Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Ray Buckland leading the way, becoming standard texts for many covens and solitaries.

As time has continued to move forward, so, too, has our dedication to the witchcraft/occult communities, and the advent of the internet has allowed us to better connect with our readers, authors, and community members both near and far. Social media, virtual conferences and events, and online spells and content allow us to provide free content to enable, empower, and inspire our followers. At this time, Witchcraft, magic, and the occult are experiencing another wonderful Renaissance, with a new generation of witches, Pagans, and magical workers discovering and sharing their power; we are delighted and honored to be a part of the path for this new generation. We are proud to share new authors, like Lilith Dorsey, Devin Hunter, Jason Mankey, Kelden Mercury, Christopher Penczak, Astrea Taylor, Laura Tempest Zakroff, and countless others, with our readers around the world.

Next year, in 2021, Llewellyn will celebrate its 120th anniversary. Since 1901, we’ve been at the forefront of holistic and metaphysical publishing and thought. We’ve been a source of illumination, instruction, and new perspectives on a wealth of topics, and we aim to continue to enlighten, strengthen, and guide readers around the world. We thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey.

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