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At Witch With Me we are devoted to helping the witch-curious find their path. 

We created our 'Key to Witchcraft' 13 week immersive course and our Witch With Books programs to help new witches engage with witchcraft alongside other witches.

We created our Sabbat Guides and Grimoire for solitary witches to expand their knowledge.

We created a welcoming, knowledge-focused, Facebook Community.

And we want you to join us.

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Announcing our 13 Week Beginner Witchcraft Experience

The Keys to Witchcraft

“Witchcraft is on the rise. Each and every day, more witches are waking up to the power within, responding to the ancient call coming from deep in their souls.

This is no coincidence. Now, more than ever, the world needs witches to rise up and step into their power; to awaken their inner witch, connect with nature, and with the environment around them.”

COMING SOON - Autumn 2021


The New Witch's Grimoire

We start you off with 43 pages of printable witchy essentials for your Grimoire.

sabbat guides

We guide new witches through each of the eight sabbats based on the Witches Wheel of the Year.

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