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Enjoy this welcome blessing offered by Witch With Me community leader, Aunt Carla

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Welcome Address

Author and activist Juliet Diaz speaks on the importance of social justice in Witchcraft.


Enter the panel of your choosing each hour on the hour.*

View the panel you missed tomorrow via recording posted here to this event access page.

*All times based on Eastern Standard Time

11:oo AM

Folk Magic in the modern era

Featuring: Christine Grace  |  Matthew Venus | Ash William Mills |  Cory Thomas Hutcheson | Kamden Cornell | Moderator: Louisa Dean

12:oo PM

Money & Manifestation magic

Featuring: Elhoim Leafar | Mademoiselle Vendredi | Matthew Venus | Whiskey Stevens Moderator: Louisa Dean

1:oo PM

Tarot tips & tricks

Featuring: Phoenix LeFae  |  Serendipity Wyrd  | Kee Hawthorne Reiter  |  Kamden Cornell Moderator: Louisa Dean

2:oo PM

Becoming a witchy author

Featuring: Jason Mankey  |  Bree NicGarran |  Jennie Blonde  |  Cory Thomas Hutcheson  |  Vincent Higginbotham  |  Moderator: Louisa Dean

11:oo AM

earth magic: working with the land

Featuring: Sorita D'Este  |  Joana Ra Rosario  | Susan Ilka Tuttle |  Bree NicGarran  |  Albert Bjorn  |  Moderator: Meg Rosenbriar

12:oo PM

Sex, Deities,and Rock & Roll

Featuring: Jason Mankey  |  Phoenix Le Fae  | Sorita D'Este |  Gwion Raven |  Moderator: Meg Rosenbriar

1:oo PM

Witchcraft & wellness

Featuring: Christine Grace  |  Tenae Stewart | Amanda Lovelace  |  Susan Ilka Tuttle |  Gwion Raven  |  Moderator: Meg Rosenbriar

2:oo PM

Cosmic Magic: astrology for yourself

Featuring: Tenae Stewart  |  Dawn Belk  | Danielle Blackwood  |  Kath Wallace  |  Moderator: Meg Rosenbriar

3:00pm Keynote Address

The revered and prolific teacher, Matthew Venus of Salem, Massachusetts, addresses the Gathering on the topic of 'Witchcraft, Necromancy, & Conjuring the Dead'

4:00pm Tarot Parlour

Tiktok sensation Madam Adam presents a live tarot parlour.

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