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The Event

Recorded live on Samhain, this event features a stellar line up of some of the most important voices in our community today. 

The Professionals

Behold our stellar lineup of witchy authors, scholars, personalities, & leaders participating in our panels and key note addresses!

You do not want to miss this afternoon of fun, spooky, smarts, and laughs with your favorite witches.

Meet the Witches

Juliet DIAZ

key note speaker

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Juliet Diaz is a Bruja, Seer, and Spiritual activist. She's an Indigenous Taino Cubana from a long line of curanderos (Healers) and Brujas on both sides of her parents' lineages. She believes Magic lives within us all and feels passionately about inspiring others to step into their truth and waking to their remembrance. Juliet has devoted her life to helping people come back to their Divine Self and liberate themselves from the oppressor within and without. She's the creator of Love Juliet & Co, her brand and online membership community.

She is the author of the bestselling book Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within (which has sold to over eight countries) and #1 new release Plant Witchery. Her third book and most important book yet, The Altar Within releases 1/11/22.

mathew venus

key note speaker

"Tapping the Bone: Witchcraft, Necromancy, and Conjuring the Dead"

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Matthew Venus is a Folk Magician, Animist, Artist, and Witch. He is the owner of Spiritus Arcanum, an online and event based occult shop focusing on providing quality handcrafted tools and apothecary items, as well as spiritual readings, and classes and courses on diversity of magical topics. Matthew is also the co-founder of the Salem Witchcraft and Folklore Festival, an event which focuses upon folk magic, witchcraft, community, and activism. 

madam adam

Live tarot parlour Host

Tiktok | Instagram | Website

Madam Adam is Tiktok’s Tough Love Tarot Reader and self care magic enthusiast. He’s developers is unique style of tarot for more than 18 years. He currently lives in Orlando Florida with his husband.

Dawn Belk

Facebook | Youtube

Fascinated by the sky from childhood, I started studying Vedic Astrology in my 20’s and now practice Western Astrology when reading for my personal clients, as well as my daily interpretation of the planets, luminaries, and stars. I have studied under many amazing Astrologers throughout the years and I am currently enrolled in a Medical Astrology Program. I have a particular interest in Fixed star placements and Karmic Astrology. I was born with 6 planets in retrograde and began to study my own Natal Chart in order to understand the implications and their effects on my human experience.

I believe that Astrology, and the cycle of the planets, provides a Divine design for our lives. I am passionate about helping others identify their gifts and abilities, and to discover how to use them as a way to navigate challenges. All as a means to reach their Souls highest potential in this lifetime. In addition to the extensive and ongoing intellectual study of interpreting the skies, I also have a daily practice to help me tap into the Spirit realm, in order to increase my intuitive abilities, thus becoming a channel for divine messages to be delivered through my work.

danielle blackwood

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Danielle Blackwood (she/her) is the author of The Twelve Faces of The Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine, and the forthcoming A Lantern in the Dark: Navigate Life’s Crossroads with Story, Ritual and Sacred Astrology (Llewellyn, March 2022). Danielle is a professional astrologer and Registered Counseling Therapist (RTC) and is certified in the Principles and Practice of Contemporary Psychological Astrology, and holds a certificate in Jungian and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts. Danielle is a passionate lifelong student of folklore, mythology, and depth psychology, and believes that at its heart, sacred astrology is Spirit expressing itself through archetype and story. She has identified as a witch for more than 30 years, and lives in an enchanted cottage on Salt Spring Island in the Pacific Northwest, the original lands and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples.

Jennie Blonde


I’m Jennie Blonde, the Comfy Cozy Witch. As you’ve probably guessed, I like all things comfy, cozy, and witchy. I am an eclectic Pagan witch with a love of hearth and home witchery. I enjoy brewing up all sorts of magick through ritual and spellwork in the kitchen, garden, house and home. I'm host of the Comfy Cozy Witch Podcast and author of a forthcoming book on hearth and home witchcraft with Weiser Books, a children's picture book about the elements with Moondust Press, and the author of the Cakes & Cauldrons Café witch cozy mystery series. I live in Pennsylvania with my two dogs, one witchling, and husband. When I’m not practicing, you’ll find me reading (I do a lot of this), writing, hiking, spending time in nature, meditating, sipping on coffee or tea, or enjoying time with my family. Grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, cozy and witchy with me.

kamden cornell

Kamden S. Cornell is an author and educator on witchcraft and herbalism related topics. Their focus is on bioregionalism, animism, and personal Sovereignty within the context of folkloric craft practices. They teach a four-month long Wortcunning Apprenticeship in Albuquerque, NM in the Southwestern U.S. that teaches students to connect to the land and the spirits thereof on multiple levels and act as stewards for the genii viridis and geni rubra. Kamden’s craft also deals with the Folk Devil as the Horned Lord and the Pale Lady, who they communicate with in the various forms of Hekate. Communication, veneration, and relationship with various individual spirits are also major factors in their work.

Kamden is the creator behind Heart & Vine Apothecary, purveyors of “witchcraft medicine” based in Albuquerque, NM and the author of Ars Granorum: The Six Seed Arts of Witchcraft and On Needles and Pins: A Witch’s Book of Poppetry and Figure Magic.

Louisa Dean

Co-Founder, Witch With Me

Louisa (she/her) is a freelance writer, mother, and folk witch living in the ancient and mystical lands of Devon, U.K. She loves nothing more than reading, foraging, or exploring megalithic and sacred sites. Louisa’s practice focuses on her connection with land spirits and plant allies as well as the traditions and folkloric customs of the West Country.

Louisa is the co-founder of Witch With Me, creator of small business platform Coven Market, and Managing Director of Witchology Magazine.

aunt carla hall

Christine Grace

Christine Grace is the author of The Witch at the Forest’s Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft from Weiser Books. A longtime teacher of the Craft and a founder of the Forest’s Edge Tradition of witchcraft, her passion is for deep, transformative witchcraft grounded in spiritual ancestry and bioregional animism. From her cabin in a Tennessee forest, she co-hosts the Betwixt & Between podcast and offers spiritual mentorship and tarot reading. She has graduate degrees in theology and mental health counseling from Vanderbilt University. Connect with her at www.christinegracebetwixt.com or @awitchbetwixt on Instagram.

Vincent Higginbotham

Vincent did not have the best childhood. He experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and homelessness for decades. But out of this darkness a practice of witchcraft emerged. Throughout life with the help of witches and mental health professionals he learned that healing was possibly and Magick exists all around us. Today he is an author, a father, husband, and a devotee of Hekate. Vincent knows that all people are born with the ability to affect and change the world around them in both mundane and Magickal ways. It is his soul’s purpose to help others find that power within themselves.

cory thomas hutcheson

Cory Thomas Hutcheson is the cohost of the popular podcasts New World Witchery, Chasing Foxfire, and Myth-Taken: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast, and author of the book New World Witchery: A Trove of American Folk Magic. He has a doctorate in American Studies with specializations in folklore, religion, and ethnicity from Penn State. He is a contributor to the Oxford Handbook of American Folklore and Folklife Studies and American Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales. Visit him online at www.CoryThomasHutcheson.com

Elhoim Leafar

Elhoim Leafar, who resides in New York City, is an Urban Shaman, dowser, tarot reader, and magician born in Amazon, Venezuela, and from a family of healers and brujos, He has been formally initiated into "Traditional Venezuelan Spiritualism" (1999), Candomble (2001), and Santeria/Lucumi (2003), and his classes and books portray the Afro-Caribbean influence of his country and the pagan spirituality of his tribe and family. His academic education includes six years of University College at the "Instituto de Nuevas Profesiones", and "ISUM", in Venezuela, specializing in Mindful Marketing, and Conscious Sustainable Advertising. Elhoim is the author of "The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags" (Weiser books, 2017) and "Manifestation Magic: 21 Rituals" (Weiser books, 2021).

phoenix lefae

Phoenix LeFae (she/her) is a restless seeker of knowledge and beauty. Her journey on the path of Witchcraft started in 1993 when her athame was a wooden-handled butter knife stolen from her mom’s kitchen. Her love of magick and mystery has led her down many paths, lineages, and traditions. She is an initiate in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, the Avalon Druid Order, and Gardnerian Wicca. She has had the pleasure of teaching and leading ritual across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Phoenix has written several books including What Is Remembered Lives, Walking in Beauty, and Witches, Heretics, and Warrior Women. She is a folk magick practitioner, professional Witch and reader, and the owner of the esoteric Goddess shop, Milk & Honey, (www.Milk-and-Honey.com).

amanda lovelace

Amanda Lovelace (she/they) is the author of several bestselling poetry titles, including her celebrated "women are some kind of magic" series as well as her “you are your own fairy tale” trilogy. she is also the co-creator of the believe in your own magic oracle deck. when she isn't reading, writing, or drinking a much-needed cup of coffee, you can find her casting spells from her home in a (very) small town on the jersey shore, where she resides with her poet-spouse & their three cats.

jason mankey

Jason Mankey read his first book on Witchcraft in the seventh grade, and dedicated his life to the Craft at age 22. Today, Jason is a third degree Gardnerian High Priest and helps to run two Witchcraft covens in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Ari. Jason is a popular speaker at Pagan and Witchcraft events across North America and Great Britain, and has been recognized by his peers as an authority on the Horned God, wiccan history, and occult influences in rock n’ roll and heavy metal music. His latest book is "The Horned God of the Witches."

bree nicgarran

Bree NicGarran grew up in the wilds of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Tidewater, VA. She is the host of the Hex Positive podcast and her breakout work, "Grovedaughter Witchery," has been hailed by the online pagan community as a new standard text for beginner witches. She lives with her husband and two very spoiled ginger cats, and is very glad that none of them seem to mind having a pagan altar in the living room.

Amazon Author Page

gwion raven

Gwion Raven is a tattooed Pagan, writer, traveler, musician, cook, kitchen witch,occult shop owner, and teacher. Although initiated in three magickal traditions, Gwion describes his practice as virtually anything that celebrates the wild, sensuous, living, breathing, dancing, ecstatic, divine experiences of this lifetime.

Born and raised in London, England, he now resides in Northern California and shares space with redwood trees, the Pacific ocean,and his beloved partner. 

kee hawthorne reiter

Kee Hawthorne Reiter is a trans psychic medium, witch and Tarot reader. A juxtaposition of light and shadow, Kee provides radical honesty, zero judgment, and a safe space for their clients. Learn more or book a reading.

joana ra rosario

Joana (Ra) Rosario is an Eclectic Hermeticists, writer, teacher, tarot reader and mother of 2 young boys.

Joana is actively involved with several magickal communities both online and offline. She is the founder of @pagan.parenting the Creator of Pagan Parenting Press and the face behind @love_is_the_law__ on Instagram and Tiktok.

Through her social media platforms and community involvement Joana hopes to normalise non mainstream belief systems and demystify some of the many misconceptions surrounding their practices.

meg rosenbriar

co-founder witch with me

Meg Rosenbriar is a hedge witch living on the Connecticut Shoreline. She holds degrees from Merrimack College and Yale University in studies of religion, spirituality, and divinity. Her first book, The Healing Power of Witchcraft: A New Witch’s Guide to Spells and Rituals to Renew Yourself and Your World, released in 2020 by Penguin Random House. She is the co-founder of Witch With Me, a multi-platform community dedicated to the sharing of witchcraft by witches for witches. 


Pellar, podcast host at Nornagaldur and strong Capricorn energy.

Albert has been practicing witchcraft for over 15 years. He grew up in the south of England but moved to Iceland early 2017, His practice revolves around mix of seiður, magical herbalism and folk magic from both his homeland and the land he now calls home.

tenae stewart

Tenae Stewart is a practicing cottage witch, an astrologer certified in the Inner Cosmos Practitioner method, a coach, and a published author. She is on a mission to embody simplicity in magick, astrology, and self-care, with the knowledge that witchcraft and wellness go hand-in-hand. Her work empowers modern witches to nourish their minds, bodies, and intuition so they can be their most magickal selves - all day, every day.

Tenae serves as the guide and priestess to her seasonal sacred circle, the Starlight Coven, which is available for enrollment year-round. Her first book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care, was a #1 new release in Astrology on Amazon. Her next book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick, is available for pre-order and will be released in April 2022.

susan ilka tuttle

Susan Ilka Tuttle is both a green and hedge witch living in the woods of Maine (a green witch in the hedge as she likes to say). She is an herbalist and the owner of In the Wood Botanicals, her small-batch herbalism online shop where she offers plant-based, wildcrafted bodycare and magickal products. Susan Ilka is also a practicing spirit medium, photoartist, and author of the new book Green Witch Magick. Learn more about Susan Ilka, check out her work, and connect with her in the following places:



Mademoiselle vendredi

Mademoiselle Vendredi was always a peculiar child. Instead of playing outside with the other kids, she could usually be found buried amongst a pile of books in the Occult section of the local library. Whilst still in high school, she made it her personal mission to unearth the most fabulous, practical magick she could find. Thirty odd years later and magick continues to fascinate her. Her search for the perfect formula, the precise words of power, has led her to delve deep into many forms of magick, from Chaos to Goetic evocation, Hoodoo, the Shemhamephorash Angels and the Enochian. Even though magick can be a true wonder to behold and the magickal theory dazzling, she has always firmly believed in practical application in the real world, with the aim of manifesting real magickal results for real needs.

serendipity wyrd

Serendipity Wyrd (they/them) is a neurodivergent, intuitive, witchy weirdo driven by their spark of chaos & insight to create magic by encouraging playful curiosity through ritual and sacred space.  A firm believer in radical acceptance and the power of shadow work, Serendipity challenges you to evolve into your favorite version of yourself.  Divination, self-exploration, and creativity form the foundation of their praxis and their teachings.  Serendipity is the Founder & Visionary of the Wyrd Sanctuary ~ an online place for weirdos, witches, misfits, and rebels to gather & explore their Selves, Shadows, and Spirit.  Learn more at www.wyrdsanctuary.org


Alexa, The Barefoot Witch; is a Traditional Witch, with 23 years experience, living in the Scottish Highlands.

whiskey stevens

Ash William Mills

Scottish folk magic practitioner, animist, researcher, and author of The Black Book of Isobel Gowdie.