We are excited to showcase some of the very best performers and entertainers! If you would like to contribute a performance, please contact us at louisa@witchwithme.com.

Falç de Metzinera

Falç de Metzinera have a unique style which moves between folk and doom, but above all focuses on the personal experience of traditional Catalan Witchcraft and the figure of the witch in Catalonia, particularly in woodland and high mountain areas.

The band is not only an artistic project but also based on the study of tradition and the history of “metzineria”.

Their music seeks to explore the traditions of the women -and also men- at the end of the Middle Ages who carried out magical or medicinal practices based on the use of herbs and plants from their environment, and who progressively acquired a diabolic and hermetic character.

They can be found on Instagram and their Bandcamp page.

Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone are a dance-&-music duo that craft dynamic ritual experiences. Tempest is a world-renowned mythic dance artist and Witch focusing on sacred and darkly inspired fusions that pull from the traditions of North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Nathaniel is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso whose music pulls from myth, fantasy, and folklore with a vibrant sound crosses boundaries & borders. They can be found on their websites www.nathanieljohnstone.com

Elana Low

Elana Low is a dark folk composer based in New York City with a heavy harmonium and a slightly lighter heart. With a songbird’s voice, haunting lyrics, and melodies at once arcane and modern, she’ll lead you through the veil and back again. Her performance style has been described as having “a trance effect on the audience, inviting comparisons to Nico, Florence Welch, and Joni Mitchell on steroids” (Den of Geek). In her songwriting, she finds “a fascinating intersection between folk songs of long ago and the immediacy of text threads between friends and lovers,” making it easy to be “mesmerized by her harmonium and her honeyed, vibrato-free voice”.  (An Earful). Her debut EP Loam is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

Felicity Fyre Faery

Felicity Fyre Faery is a highly skilled performance artist in fire, trapeze, and dance. A travelling faerie mythologist, Felicity is a features writer at FAE Magazine and director of Felicity Fairy Children’s Co. She can be found on Instagram, Facebook, or her website.


Cachemira is a heavy psychedelic band based in Barcelona and formed by members of other bands of the scene (Brain Pyramid, The Mothercrow, Prisma Circus).

They draw influences from hard blues, fuzz sounds, and wah wah of the 1970s with a dash of space rock spirit, and they will guide you through the path of progressive songs and blues melodies.

They can be found on their Bandcamp page, Instagram, and Facebook.

Maevyn Stone

Take a step out of reality and into the mystical world of Maevyn Stone: harpist, vocalist, and bardess.  Maevyn weaves her ethereal melodies into a beautiful tapestry of curious legends and deep mythology.  This American siren with Scottish roots practices her bardic tradition out in the rolling fields, sandstone caverns, and enchanting forests of Indiana.  Join her weekly live-streaming journey on Instagram, as you sip your own witch’s brew from the coziness of your cottage. Her music can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube.

Wren La Fey

Wren is a Traditional Witch from the South of England, living on a cemetery, and enjoying the beautiful arable landscape around her as a source of inspiration. A Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Clinical Aromatherapist; she is an accomplished fire spinner and keen tarot reader. She has modelled for Pagan-based artists such as Chris Down and Neil Geddes-Ward; appearing in 7 paintings, a tarot deck, and appearing on the front of Chris Down’s book “Otherworld: The Collected Works of Chris Down.” A lifelong student of the Craft, she is a forager, hobby herbalist, and is fascinated by the magic of colour. Wren can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Thorne the Djinn

Thorne is a card slinging shadow working Djinn with an intuitive and original take on tarot. Their insightful readings captivate and enthral audiences, while their mesmerising gaze ensures that viewers stick around to find out more. Thorne can be found serving up their own brand of tarot truths on their Instagram page, as well as TikTok and Twitter.

Julia Halina Hadas

Author of WitchCraft Cocktails. 

Julia Halina Hadas is a practicing witch, avid craft cocktail bartender, and magical mixologist. Having worked at a distillery and as a craft cocktail bartender in the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of years, she combined her love of the craft cocktail movement with her witchcraft practice in her blog and upcoming book WitchCraft Cocktails. She holds a BA in anthropology, and is a certified crystal healer, shamanic, and reiki practitioner, a tarot and crystal reader, and focuses her work in those areas on liberation and empowerment. In her free time, she sings rock music, enjoys wire wrapping pendants, and creating magical mixtures for her blog. You can learn more about her on her website, or Instagram, or more about magical mixology at Witchcraft Cocktails.

Annwyn Avalon

Annwyn Avalon is a Water Witch, Water Priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of art, witchcraft, and magic. She is an initiated Witch and Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, award-winning Dancer, published author and has a BFA in sculpture, BA in Anthropology with emphasis on plant and human interactions and has received an apprentice certificate in Herbalism. She writes for the Magical Times Magazine in the UK and has contributed to other published works such as The New Aradia a Witches handbook for resistance. She is the author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition and forthcoming Weiser book  The Way of the Water Priestess (Winter – 2021). Visit her at www.WaterWitchcraft.comwww.WaterPriestess.com and www.TriskeleRose.com 

Briana Starr Mikesell

Briana Starr Mikesell is a green witch and accomplished artist with a penchant for writing dark acoustic music. Her haunting vocals and evocative lyrics are reminiscent of a goth Lana Del Ray, while her songs conjure a delicious melancholy that continues to linger long after the music ends. She creates creepy horror-inspired videos to accompany her music which can be found on her YouTube channel. Her debut EP Salem can be found on Etsy, and she can also be found on SpotifyTikTok, and Instagram.

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