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Magically Infused Vermont Maple Syrup and Handcrafted witchy goods. Derived from Nature, Inspired by witchcraft.

Untethered Guidance

My goals with our readings is to help you connect to your true inner being, to live a more conscious and joyful life, and to navigate your transitions smoothly.  Life has its phases, and I hope to help you move through the journey of life with grace.  

The cards offer us a chance to slow down, to focus and to access our innermost workings and musings.  Often we know the answer to the questions we ask if we just quiet the mind.  

My style of readings is not predictive.  The cards cannot predict the future since we all have free will. My aim in readings is to help you understand yourself, and your position currently so we can see where things will lead staying on this path.  Tarot can empower us to be clearer in our understanding of ourselves, our path, and our motivations. Understanding this better can help us make more informed decisions and can comfort us. Tarot, and I, will never try and direct you, the choices are all yours.  Tarot readings can support, comfort, and empower you.

Garden of Chthonia

Occult Apothecary & Hand Made Ritual Tools


All natural, handmade Self-Care items, Witch Kits, Ritual Boxes, Candles, Witchy Wreaths and Home Decor. Self care items include beeswax salves, vegan soap, sugar scrubs, aromatherapy floral rollerballs, lip balm, herbal bath soaks and more.

Coven Divine

Moon Candles, Sabbat Candles and other Ritual Wares that support deeper intimacy with magic & the divine!

Eventide Handwoven

I currently offer Handwoven Altar Cloths made with intention and Ethically Sourced Crystals

Back Road Studio

I create handmade sterling silver jewelry from scratch using natural stones and raw silver materials. I'm inspired by back roads, beautiful stones, and the natural world.

Sea.Lestial.Shel Creations

Magical creations inspired by the sea, moon, & stars. Handmade altar cloths, tarot wraps, candle cloths, book sleeves, mug rugs, storage bins and more!

Meadowsweet Rituals

Meadowsweet is an Intuitive Tattoo Ceremony designed to inspire, heal and guide you forward using the mediums of Tarot for the message and advice and Tattoo as a constant reminder of your magick.

Star Ametrine

Folk herbalist, tarot reader, & wise woman handcrafting ritual oils, botanical tisanes, flower essences, botanical incense, and aura mists. 

Cauldron Emporium

A small witchy shop full of magickal items selected by a witch for other witches. You will find hand-picked energetic crystals, 100% Soy hand-poured intention candles, all natural herbal teas, artisanal handcrafted bath salts, handmade crystal jewelry, powerful and sustainably sourced cleansing items like Palo Santo and sage, and other magickal altar tools handpicked to help manifest amazing things.


Moonwise Mystic

handmade smudge fans, ritual wands, leather pouches,magical tools, crystals,hand drawn psychic aura portraits


Wild Sundry

A bit of whimsy and bohemian magic. Handmade Macrame Decor + Accessories, Dream Catchers and Custom Orders


Thornapple Thrift Shop

A collection of witchy vintage clothing in feminine styles from the 1950s to Y2k. The shop aesthetic is caught somewhere between an ethereal pastel muse of Ostara and a pensive dark beauty of Samhain. There's something here for every witch to wear; in ritual, in rest, and in play. P.S. I am hoping to offer a series of hand printed alter cloths in my Litha drop this summer! <3


Moonleaf Prints

Moonleaf Prints is a one-woman witchy printshop based in Budapest. Inspiration for the handmade fineliner drawings comes from a deep connection with nature, folklore, the inner emotional workings of humans, and all things magickal. The drawings and tiny paintings are made with intention, surrounded by plants, love, an excessive amount of tea, a tortoise named Dió and a slightly crazy black cat named Füge. I'm really happy you've stumbled upon my shop, I do a little happy dance every time people interact with my art <3 follow my day-to-day magick at @moonleafprints on instagram!

Sacra Flora

Pentacle wreaths, spell kits, crystal moon gardens, curio terrariums, floral besoms and Witchy decor. Custom orders welcome!

Lunar District

We sell supplies and tools for many paths. A lot of our product is handmade in our workshop. Some of our best selling products include soaps and hand made dishes for offerings

Garden of Chthonia

Occult Apothecary & Hand Made Ritual Tools

Inky Cap Coven

Green Witch Shop specializing in organic tea, spell jars, salves, and spell components like death oil, cemetery dirt, anointed candles, and more

The Rose Craft

Retail and consignment witchy shop, featuring handmade items, decks, books, crystals, herbs, accessories, and much more. Finely curated by two witches.

Heartaches of the Moon

Plant spirit medicine, occult herbalism, poison path, artwork

Tarot of Curiosities

Tarot of Curiosities sells the Tarot of Curiosities original artist deck as well as the explanation book, hand poured magical candles and art prints from the deck. Readings are also available.

The Magick Makers

A magical general store offering seasonal provisions & enchanted goods. Serving up a combination of witchcrafted home goods and carefully curated items from other magick makers to help you bring your magic home. Ritual bath blends inspired by the seasons, botanical steams for dream rituals, spell kits, anointing oils, salves and more. Channeled tarot readings are also available.

Hearth Fox Oracle

Hearth Foxlyn is a psychic medium, oracle, and a spiritual mentor. By using divination tools, evocation, and invocation, she can help guide you through spiritual growth so you can take healing into your own hands.

Aquarius Herbs and Teas LLC

We are a small apothecary that specializes in organic medicinal and spiritual herbs and herbal products. We also have organic teas of many varieties and handcrafted teas as well.

The Selkie's Cottage

A Mother Daughter run shop making Candles of magic and Whimsy. Spell candles, and candles to honor Gods and Goddesses of Myth and Legend all made in vintage vessels. All our products are made with intention and ethically sourced materials. We hope our candles will bring you lots of light to you.

Wings of Sin

Wings of Sin specializes in handmade, dark and earthy designs to please the wild witch, the comfort goth and the dark alternative fashion lovers.

Boutique Dissidente

Helping witches express themselves with—or without—vehemence. I sell writing and reading instruments, as well as ornaments, all of which with a pagan twist!

The Familiar Spirit

Our shop is curated with divine purpose and heartfelt intention, for all the curious individuals seeking to carve out their path. From potions and spells, locally handcrafted natural soy candles, crystals, and witchcraft tools, to things to adorn yourself, ease your spirit, and raise your vibrations, we are here to help guide you on your unique path.

Kathy Crabbe - Soul Reader & Artist

If you are seeking inspiration and spiritual guidance you may want to consider a soul reading, past life reading, astro report or ancestral/spirit guide reading for further insight. I work solely with oracle cards from my own hand painted decks. I teach and contribute to the Creative Cronies Moon Diary, California Women’s Museum, Witches and Pagans/Sage Woman Magazine and Susun Weed’s Wise Woman School.

Kee Reiter

Psychic Tarot readings, soul coaching, and/or online classes. Gain insight and learn how to identify small, actionable steps to change your life, forever. Readings available in-person via zoom or written.

Wild Hunt

Enamel pins and other arty merch celebrating nature, women, witchery, and crafting!

Alchemy of Avalon

Tea Shoppe and Apothecary for the Magickal and Medicinal: teas, salves, essential oil sprays, perfume oils and more inspired by Avalon, Witchcraft, Goddess lore, literature and nerd culture! Run by a Certified Herbalist and practicing Avalonian Witch. Clinical Herbalist consultations, custom teas, and yoni steams also available.

Goddess Grown Apothecary

Witchcrafted, homegrown, wildcrafted, & ethically sourced creations for the everyday witch.

Gate and Garden

Herbal apothecary providing small batch, home grown or wild foraged botanical potions with intention & magic. Body care, Apothecary, & Ritual items.

The Wild Moon Garden

Littlest shop in the Enchanted Woods. Witchy knits and spell pouches.

Eclectic Crystals

Everything art! Focus on crystal jewelry, but many other crafts as well. Such as drawing, paintings, embroidery, tatting, wood burning and metal cutting.

Hekate's Garden

Magical Apothecary selling ritual tea blends, herbal incense, aura sprays, ritual oils, ritual candles, smoke cleansing bundles and more

Witches Besom

All hand crafted wood tarot displays & mini altars crystal displays, pendulum displays, stickers, bells, intention powders, hand poured candles, etc

Burnt Witch Studios

I make occult Inspired, alternative and Gothic Giftware. Altar tools and occult decor


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