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For general inquiries email:

Gather the Witches is produced by the team at Witch With Me

Gather the Witches is a live streamed event featuring magick, music, and your favorite witches. The team at Witch With Me is dedicated to creating a memorable event with an enjoyable experience for viewers, participants, and our partners. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate contact below for more information as we prepare to Gather the Witches.

Event Team

Event Chair – Meg Rosenbriar
Contact Meg for inquiries regarding presenter positions, sponsorship opportunities, partnerships, and press/media..

Entertainment Chair – Louisa Blackthorn
Contact Louisa for booking information for bands, musicians, and witchy entertainment.

Coven Market Coordination – Kirsten Cailleach
Contact Kirsten for small business advertising opportunities.

Creative and Merchandising – Christie O’Regan
Contact Christie about event branding and merchandise.

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