Witchcraft is Not Merit Based

  By Meg Rosenbriar  Website |  Podcast |  Facebook Group | Book Witchcraft is not merit based. Witchcraft has no prosperity gospel. Here’s the thing. No one gets results in witchcraft by “deserving” them. (Ok, well that statement is super broad but hear me out where I want to go with this because I think …

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The Crooked Rainbow Path

By Daniel Cox | Instagram  I was born in 1978 in a busy town in the UK. Growing up in the 80s and 90s I was quite an androgynous child, far too pretty to be a boy, some people had said. As a child, I experienced what all queer kids my age experienced, bullying. I had …

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The Queer Witch

By Tim Theyson | Blog | Instagram There came a point in antiquity where things such as community, philosophy, magick, and the gods were put to the side. This started the dark age that has truly continued up until the present. There was a time in this world where women were worshipped, a time when …

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