Herbal Series with Tess: Dandelion

by Tess Wood | Instagram Taraxacum officianale Bitterwort, Cankerwort, Clockflower, Irish daisy, Lion’s Tooth, Priest’s Crown, Puffball, Swine’s snout, Tell-time, Fairy Clock. Properties Dandelion is more than just an invasive weed; it’s actually a herbalist’s best ally, packed with Vitamin A, B, C and D. It’s easy to find, and all the parts can be …

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Herbal Series with Tess: Rosemary

by Tess Wood | Instagram Rosmarinus officinalis Compass plant, Old Man, Rose de Marins, Romero Properties Rosemary is a herb that’s been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years for its easy- to-use properties topically and internally. It is a natural stimulant that helps with tired and sore achy muscles because it’s fantastic at …

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Herbal Series with Tess: Calendula

by Tess Wood | Instagram Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold, Ruddles, Scotch Marigold, English garden Marigold, Holligold, Gold-Bloom Properties Calendula, or Pot Marigold as it’s more commonly known, as is one of the oldest plants used in the practice of herbal medicine. Not to be confused with the genus Tagetes Marigold, as they are two completely …

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Herbal Series with Tess: Vervain

by Tess Wood | Instagram Verbena officinalis Common Verbena, Enchanters plant, Juno’s tears, Tears of Isis, Herb of Love, Witches Herb Properties This week’s herb is Vervain, and I’m so excited because it’s got a tonne of benefits! This is a great herb to rid yourself of a lingering difficult headache, as it relieves stress …

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Herbs for Full Moon in Scorpio

By Tess Wood | Instagram History describes the full moon as a time of hunting and gathering, worship, and completion. It is beautiful and helps us create and harness powerful energy within ourselves. The moon has housed our intuition and emotions since the beginning of time, and similarily, herbs have been used alongside moon cycles …

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5 Essential Spellwork Herbs

By Meg Rosenbriar | Instagram | Facebook Herbs have been used medicinally since the dawn of time. While the medicinal properties of all plants are extremely beneficial to know and use, did you know herbs can be used metaphysically (magickally) as well in spellwork? Every herb has correspondences that connect it to the great web …

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