Witchcraft is Not Merit Based


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Witchcraft is not merit based.
Witchcraft has no prosperity gospel.

Here’s the thing. No one gets results in witchcraft by “deserving” them. (Ok, well that statement is super broad but hear me out where I want to go with this because I think it is helpful.) This is to say, if you think your spells should work because you are a good person with good intentions? You are not going to get the results you want.

To be clear, things like pouring love into your spells and with positive intentions are *important* and can/do help a spell immensely. So can aligning our values and actions. This is not what we are talking about. We are talking about passive hoping of magical reciprocity, activated by some unknown and moving target of “good enoughness.”

But it is simply not your good deeds or happy thoughts that ultimately power the spell. Similarly, it is not your bad deeds or past failures that stop a spell from working. This is a Christian concept of worth/salvation and is not very translatable to success in magic.

(Why do you think I preach using your witchcraft for positive ends? Because there are plenty of bad actors doing powerful, successful witchcraft. They know they can be total asshats and still magically succeed. We all can. Which is why positive magic is so crucial to my practice and teachings.)

My point here is magic is the manipulation of energy as a means to an end. Period.

You learn how to practice magic, not deserve it.

You form relationships with the cosmos, the natural world, ideas of worth, morals and other humans to bolster your magical allyships and ever broaden the horizons of your power. You experience how to manipulate time and perception. You develop a rock solid intuition and a deep trust in your skills of CRAFT.

We are operating in our corner of the universal energetic web. We cast spells to wriggle the webbing and shout “over here, energy! I need money/love/etc!”

We trap things more easily with vibrating, glistening strands, powered by the cosmos and earth and our will.

So if you are suffering from past programming that says your magic is only as worthy as you think you are? Stop that.

Put the energy into honing your craft. Learn moon phases and herbal correspondences. Read books about what others have done in their own practice and why. Try, refine, and retry spells over the weeks, months, and years.

Trust me. Your self worth factor will naturally climb alongside your practice. Witchcraft shows you your own merits, it does not tally them for approval.

This is why your path is yours alone to walk and chose.

And this coming, healing Full Moon in Virgo beckons. My hope, is we all find the strength to chose positive magic again and again and collectively create the world we wish to see.


Meg Rosenbriar is a practicing hedgewitch, author, astrologer, and the co-founder of Witch With Me, Witch With Books, Witch With Books Podcast, and Shoreline Magic.

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