Pick a Card Reveal 2.25.22

Focus your energy on the cards.

Select the one that calls you the most.

Reveal Below

Card One | Rose Quartz | 2 of Clubs

A New Partnership is Revealed

Are you letting your Pride or your Prejudice about a situation block you from receiving the blessings of a love or business partnership?

Think carefully about where your focus lies. Do you consider yourself as a lonely star, deep in the void? Perhaps, instead, notice you are actually part of a constellation, bigger and brighter than you ever imagined. Reach out to the light next to yours. What does it teach you about the bigger picture? Notice how much brighter you shine together. Dive in and explore what you can offer each other. You may be surprised!

Card Two | Key | 10 of Clubs

Knowledge is Seeking You

You have arrived at the end of a hard-won cycle, congratulations! You are stronger, smarter, and more flexible. You are ready for the next level.

What knowledge has been calling you? There a mystery you need to explore! Now is the time to take a witchy class, join a Patreon of a creator you admire, or dive into a bunch of interesting witchy books. You destiny is moving forward. Take control and devour the next wave of energy that is busting open your horizon. You are as powerful as you are wise.

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Card Three | Brigid's Cross | Queen of Diamonds

A Call to Sovereignty

Instead of living you life as a reaction to the needs and wants of others, you are called to stand in your power and do things because *YOU* want to. Of course we all still have responsibilities - but it is time to examine your approach in general. What work or labor are you doing that is not yours to do? Is your partner fairly shouldering the burden or is it time to readjust?

Nothing will change if you don't speak up and show up for yourself so here is your permission.

Go. Do. Grow. Fulfil.

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