Thoughts on the Pluto Return of the USA


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This week marks one of the biggest astrological transits of the year, and perhaps our lifetime. This week is the Pluto return of the United States of America.

Pluto is the planet of destruction, transformation, and rebirth from the ashes. Pluto is a ‘take no prisoners” warrior, ready to burn it all down if that is what is necessary.

Pluto takes approximately 250 year to make a full orbit around our Sun. This week, after 248 years, Pluto has returned to the *exact* point in the sky it was at on July 4, 1776. The United States, the current empire of our age, has now hit a point of no return for our collective destiny. (For reference, when Rome had its second Pluto return in 467 CE, guess what happened by 476 CE? Fiddles, Nero, burning, the fall, the end of an empire.)

Does this sound terrifying? I don’t blame you for reaching for fear. This is big, unknown, and there is definitely chaotic metamorphosis ahead. Most likely we will see huge changes to how we think about things like money, value, work, health, leadership, and authority. In fact, we are already seeing the rumblings of this energy. Look at trends in cryptocurrency, working from home, fake news, social unrest, and a pandemic as icing on top. This will continue over the next few decades as we crack, crumble, and eventually see our current understanding of the world engulfed by the flames of Pluto’s wrath.

Yet many astrologers, including me, see immense opportunity in this transit. While it is a serious reckoning, I believe we are here at this time and place to help initiate and navigate this Pluto return. I believe we all have a unique gift or energy we can lend to the rebuild that will come.

What if, instead of letting the USA burn in its own failures to steward “we the people,” we take control as THE PEOPLE. At this point in the American experiment we must *actually* light the lamp of liberty and create that City on the Hill people like Thomas Jefferson envisioned. We need to burn down the restricting, lonely, patriarchal model of democracy and replace it with a New Age of human rights, inclusion, and freedom.

Let us not be standing here in another 250 years, coyly asking, “so what did I miss?”

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