Integrity in Witchcraft

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There is no denying the innate power that comes with practicing witchcraft. Power is an affirmation we have honed our craft, it shows in the results we reap, and it inspires us to continue to learn and grow. We are creating change in our lives and that is something we have worked hard to learn how to do. We have put in the time, we deserve the rewards. To this end, having the most power possible to do whatever we want must be the goal, right?

Actually, no. Not if you are committed to integrity in witchcraft.

A witch rejects the Cartesian idea that hierarchy is innate in certain beings. Instead the witch approaches the world as part of the whole, not in dominion but in communion. We are stewards of our power, not its master. To follow one’s true will inextricably includes consideration of the networks and ecosystems we are a part of. We simply don’t exist in a crescendoed vacuum of self. To parse one’s own power out as the ultimate end, misses the point, and reality, of power entirely.

To put it another way? True Will without stewardship is performative witchcraft.

Take social media, for example, as the obvious breeding ground for witches who do not practice integrity. If a space or creator is constantly throwing up walls between groups and inciting divisive content, ask if this is how you want your witch community to function? Does this energy feel creative or destructive? Does the content you see make you feel bad about yourself, superior to others, or confused? Is that who you have worked so hard to become?

Think critically about the dynamics of the page, group, or leadership. Where does the emphasis on power lie with these individuals? Be wary of ego joy rides disguised as “hot takes” or “relatable moments” that are actually just looking for reacts, follows, and fame. Many of us come from troubled childhoods where this kind of behavior was normal so we can fall into the mistake of thinking witchcraft looks like the generational trauma we have experienced.

When practiced with integrity? It does not.

A modern witch strives to create positive change for themselves and others, not at the expense of themselves or others. A witch is so much more important than their power. They are actors, caretakers, keepers, and preservationists. A witch is a healer, a grower, a harmonizer and inspiration to others.

Does this mean a witch is passive or apathetic? Absolutely not. A witch uses their power boldly to help the least among us. The witch uses power to speak their truth and create justice. A witch fights for a world where positive change is the only worthwhile goal.

That is integrity. May it serve you well. So mote it.

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