Book Review: Dare to Be a Green Witch by Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban

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About the Authors

The book’s authors are a mother-daughter duo. Daughter Ehris Urban is a green witch, herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. She is the owner of Grounded Holistic Wellness, in Woodbury, CT. Ehris’ mother Velya Jancz-Urban is a teacher, author, former Brazilian dairy farm owner, and herstory unsanitized expert. After moving into a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse Velya became obsessed with the life of colonial women, which led to her entertainingly-informative presentation of The Not-So Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife. After deciding to join forces and merge names, they now offer hands-on workshops on making holistic remedies.


About Dare to Be a Green Witch by Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban

One important note is that this book is not about magick. While the authors are not anti-witch, one of their main messages is that you don’t have to perform spells or talk to fairies to be a green witch. As green witches, they value and consult the Earth, trees, plants and stones for their healing properties, and they are dedicated to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This book is basically a cookbook of herbal recipes. Part One is focused on Health and Wellness, and it contains a multitude of remedies for boosting the immune system, and keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. They have several recipes for Fire Cider, which is also known as “a flu shot in a jar”, as well as recipes for Spring Tonic, which flush out the pipes like a modern-day cleanse. Of course they have their own version of the classic remedies Elderberry Syrup and Four Thieves Vinegar.

The book also goes deeply into the importance of bone broth for nutrients such as collagen, gelatin, and glutamine, which cannot be found in a Big Mac. The authors also cover fermented foods including kombucha and kefir, and how these natural probiotics enhance gut health. Of course, they also cover herbal infusions for reducing stress and anxiety, and others for cleansing the liver. They refer to these remedies as “tea with a mission”.

Surprisingly, Part One wraps up with a chapter on liqueurs and chocolates. The authors do not subscribe to the idea that living the Green Witch life is synonymous with depriving yourself of goodies. They also teach that cordials, alcoholic beverages flavored with fruits and herbs, have been traced to fifteenth and century apothecaries where they were used as medicines!

Part Two of Dare To Be A Green Witch focuses on Natural Body Care. Here, the authors share their extensive knowledge of herbs, flowers, and plants to create concoctions for homemade facials, herbal shampoos, relaxing baths, perfumes, and energy clearing. Each section of the book details the ingredients, supplies and equipment needed, and suggestions on where to find them. While most of the recipes are plant-based, some recipes include dairy, eggshells, and animal bones.

Of Particular Note…

In addition to recipes for natural remedies, Dare To Be A Green Witch provides an extensive education on the medicinal uses and benefits of the herbs and plants mentioned in the remedies. Even if you never make any of the book’s recipes, you will learn how to use herbs to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy levels, and improve the way your body handles stress. While the authors are serious about their alternative lifestyle of green living, they also include lots of anecdotal stories to make you laugh. They could be your neighbors, if bee hives and chicken coops are allowed.

The Magic You Could Learn

Daring to be a Green Witch means learning how to be a “Wise Person”, who understands how herbs, plants, and flowers can be used to heal. You do not have to be a homesteader to make and enjoy the recipes in this book.

The authors’ commentary on the industrial food industry and Big Pharma includes footnotes to clinical studies, and asks you to take a closer look at the food and items that we purchase regularly and put into our bodies. They’ve observed that there is a double standard in how society views natural remedies versus Western medicine, and seek to give another perspective. They are quick to say that you shouldn’t abandon your health professional to pursue natural remedies, but feel free to dabble in the parts of green witch life that appeal to you.

The goal of this book is to provide knowledge and research that will give you the confidence to “trust your inner knowing, hear your inner voice, and question the ‘experts’”.

Dare To Be A Green Witch: The Grounded Goodwife’s Guide to Wellness & Holistic Healing can be Purchased here.



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