Featured Shoppe: Likely Tale

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Today we are finding out all about the amazing Likely Tale who has an amazing new deck coming out!


What is the name of your shop?

Likely Tale
Where is your shop based? 
New Brunswick, Canada
What does your shop sell?
Art prints for those looking to connect with nature and their inner worlds.  There’s also the Likely Herbarium! And this week I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Likely Tarot Deck – and exploration in the correspondences of the Tarot.
What inspired you to start your shop?

I grew up in a witchy home with crafty people, encouraged to explore different paths.

The desire to explore and share the magick of nature, hopefully inspiring others to seek out the magic both within themselves and all around them! I’ve been drawing and writing since I was a wee tot – and it seemed like I’d found my home with the idea of Likely Tale came to me.  That we are all the active authors, or our Likely Tales, and exploring ways to empower that just felt right!

What is your favourite product and why?
Right now it’s definitely the Tarot deck, after a year of pouring my heart into it, it’s probably the creation I’m most proud of. And excited to share!

Do you have any advice for new shop owners?
You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Learning as you go is part of the fun.  Be you, and trust yourself.

To support Likely Tale’s amazing new deck, check out their Kickstarter.

Likely Tale can also be found on their website and Instagram.

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