Tarot Reading with Lena Wilde

This week finally Mercury stations direct again, but the energy lingers as it retraces its shadow. The sun is in Cancer and Thursday’s full moon is in Capricorn, bringing to light a need to balance between our heart-home and external direction. I’m using the Wandering Moon tarot deck by Rachael Jean to support easy confidence in navigating the energies that may come up during this lunation.

Take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground, hold your hands to your heart, and close your eyes, now take three deep breaths…in and out.

Card Number 1 – Four of Moons (Cups)

Take some time to be still with yourself. If you’ve been doubtful or hesitant, looking inside your heart will provide a hint as to why. Remember that in order to fill the cups of others or even have the energy to move toward a goal, you must fill your own cup. But you must first determine what you are thirsty for. Drink deeply and let it restore you. Then see what you can share with others as you move ahead.

Card Number 2 – Queen of Swords

The last few weeks may have been quite difficult for you.  It appears that you worked through a lot already, but there is still a bit more to bring to light in the coming week, especially with regard to your emotions. Don’t sweep them away! Face them directly with fierce honesty.  If you are open and thoughtful about it, you’ll see a straightforward way to proceed.

Card Number 3 – The Lovers

The energy of this lunation is your jam! You are open, ready, and willing to nurture a union between your deepest desires for connection and the goals you undertake in the real world. Go for it…the world is waiting!

Lena Wilde is a late-blooming, solitary intuitive witch with passions for Tarot and astrology, especially in the context of self-discovery and empowerment. She lives in a rustic log cabin in the middle of the woods and seeks to bring wild spirit and intention to life. Follow her on Instagram @witchofthewilde and keep an eye out for her upcoming website launch.

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