Tarot Reading with Lena Wilde

As Benjamin Blak continues his epic hike of the South West Coast Path, I am honored to continue filling in with pick-a-card readings while he is away.

The apparent retrograde motion of Mercury continues this week and eclipse season continues with the new moon in Gemini/solar eclipse on Thursday. Our communications and thought patterns are strung out like a tight rope…asking our ego to both retrace and move on. On the background of this taut duality, the imagery of the Star Spinner Tarot deck by Triangles enchants and soothes even the rawest of nerves.

Take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground, hold your hands to your heart, and close your eyes, now take three deep breaths…in and out.

Now open your eyes, look at the cards in front of you and choose the one that draws you.

Card Number One – Ten of Chalices (Cups)

Whatever challenges that are coming, you are ready to face them – especially if you collaborate with others that are involved. Listen carefully to them to uncover what it takes to create the harmony and peace that everyone is seeking. Embrace this shared vision wholeheartedly – make it your own and work together to make it a reality. You (and yours) have the power to end previous cycles of challenge and bring positive change to light – IF you agree on where you are heading and that you will navigate together.

Card Number Two – Eight of Swords

While others seem tense and out of sorts, it feels like you are in a familiar place. If we’re being honest, it’s probably a little TOO familiar…and it’s a situation that you know no longer suits you. And yet, despite your best intentions: here you are again. It’s time to break free for good. Ask yourself: what are you hiding from? The world is not really against you (and you are your own worst enemy). You need to be honest with yourself about the truth and how you are holding yourself back. Then you can focus on what really needs to be done and not simply what feels “right” because it feels familiar. Old habits die hard, but the sword is yours to yield!

Card Number Three – Four of Wands

Whatever the early part of the week may bring, the end of the week and weekend promise more optimism and light for you. You may feel ready to shed some previous commitments and responsibilities so that you will feel freer to spend your time as you like. Perhaps you will spontaneously discover a new passion or relationship that has great potential. Either way, pay attention to how these experiences renew your sense of joy, celebration, connection, and purpose. It’s time for you to SHINE!!!

Lena Wilde is a late-blooming, solitary intuitive witch with passions for Tarot and astrology, especially in the context of self-discovery and empowerment. She lives in a rustic log cabin in the middle of the woods and seeks to bring wild spirit and intention to life. Follow her on Instagram @witchofthewilde and keep an eye out for her upcoming website launch.

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