Gemini Season 2021 with Fairlie Theta

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When the North Node moved into Gemini in June of last year, we expected a change in focus. Leading up to that ingress, the Node had been in home-oriented Cancer. Issues of women’s rights, emotional labor, and the perpetual struggle for work-life balance rose to the forefront of our attention – we were already in the midst of a crash course in perspective. How much more could we learn? Between the global perspective of our current North Node and the vast conceptual landscape revealed by recent Aquarian transits, we’ve entered a brave new world of Air–but as ancient astrologers often warned, not all air is good air and quality is key. In astrology, the element represents information, communication, and ideas; we like to think of these as objective concepts, infallible and impervious. But perspective is a keyword of Gemini, something we know is highly subjective. Is it possible that we, like the ancient people, can turn to this sign to navigate forward? Or is perspective inapplicable to progress? 

Sun in Gemini

When the Sun moves into Gemini, it’s with bright ambitions: separated from Mercury and Venus by the North Node, there’s a sense of purpose in the air. Beauty and Truth lie just over the horizon, and our course seems sure thanks to assistance from Saturn in Aquarius. But human beings are ultimately creatures of imagination. When Jupiter entered Pisces on the 13th, it began to stir the depths. Dreams reawakened a sense of restlessness and raw data lost its appeal. Gemini may be the sign of discovery and exploration, but the seas we navigate this year may be internal as we sail into the storms of the eclipse and retrograde season. Just after the Sun’s arrival, Neptune squares off with Mercury, already in the shadow of its own retrograde, blurring the line of fact and fiction – in the next few hours, Saturn begins its annual retrograde, softening the status quo.

Full Moon Eclipse

The Full Moon is always an opposition of energies, a chance to examine the discrepancies between our internal and external universe but on May 26th, the Total Lunar Eclipse adds an extra layer of discovery. As the Moon slips into the Earth’s Shadow, we have a chance to see how repressed emotions steer us forward, which false stars we’ve followed along our journeys. This tug of war between the subjective and the objective becomes a bow pulled taught by Jupiter in a tense T-square asking us to plumb the depths of our own wine-dark subconscious, to follow the stars below–within–rather than above. If we look carefully, we may see where our actions have been guided by false prophecies, self-fulfilling circles of fate. We may be able to revisit and rewrite some of these patterns during Mercury’s retrograde which begins on May 29th. When the planet stations, it does so amongst a sea of curious placements: Mars trine Neptune creates an atmosphere of fervent devotion, the sort of belief which commands burnt offerings, and with Shadow King Pluto still shrouded in Neptune’s fog we feel called to crusade in the name of the collective, a presence which shares the Plutonian stage.

Venus in Cancer

Venus enters Cancer on June 2nd like Medea to the Argonauts: she may become our greatest ally or drive us mad along the way. Her transit through this sign allows us a chance to check in with our deepest selves, revisit our core values, and lean into our personal magic, but remember that Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a planet that often relates to collective values and identities. Listen carefully to your dreams and intuition as Venus and Jupiter move into aspect and make sure that you aren’t surrendering your greatest gifts to a cause that is not yours. Use this time to realign with your own lucky stars.

Solar Eclipse

Eclipses, like twins, come in pairs and the solar eclipse occurs on June 10th. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury huddle together in Gemini but remember that during a solar eclipse, the Moon obscures our light: our emotions may drown out our better judgment, and as Pluto opposes Mars it may be difficult to hold our tongues. Just remember that a revolution is still a war and echoes both to the past and the future–we cannot possibly comprehend the vastness of experience and we can only make decisions for ourselves. As Mars moves into Leo we keenly feel this divide between our individual experience and the collectives we inhabit. The only way to heal the group is to start with ourselves–the last week of the season brings aspects to Chiron and Lilith revealing where personal trauma has cast its shadow. Guilt and shame are powerful emotions and if we refuse to confront them, we risk possession.

As Cancer Season draws near, we may find that much of our new is actually just the old recast – it is only through careful examination of ourselves and the world we inhabit that we actually create new realities. 

Fairlie Theta is a professional astrologer, writer, and witch. With her expansive Sagittarius Sun and eager Gemini midheaven, she actively continues to study magic, tarot, and astrology pursuing a 25-year passion for the metaphysical and occult. Her adventures in academia led her to study English, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and eventually obtained her BFA in Visual Studies from SVA, specializing in symbolism and subculture. Fairlie established her professional practice in 2010 and regularly hosts online workshops and shares her knowledge with a variety of communities. You can find more information on her work, consultations, and tools through her shop at or on Instagram where she blogs daily @fairlietheta and @moonandmajestyco.

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