The Queer Witch

By Tim Theyson | Blog | Instagram

There came a point in antiquity where things such as community, philosophy, magick, and the gods were put to the side. This started the dark age that has truly continued up until the present. There was a time in this world where women were worshipped, a time when you weren’t judged for being gay or bisexual because sexual preference and identification were not even concepts that existed. There was a time when you could be honored for being transgender and viewed as an individual who held great knowledge. These were destroyed as we entered a time of genocide, bigotry, slavery, and absolute hatred. A time that has for so long truly shown the absolute lows humanity can reach all in the name of conquest and power.

You may have noticed, as I have, that there are many queer witches. I personally believe there is no such thing as coincidence and therefore do not see a coincidence in this fact either. Magick requires you to do one major thing. Believe in yourself. This concept is tossed around so negligently throughout our lives. It may be told to you to encourage you to take your first driving lesson or when you are not confident that you can tie your own shoes. It will continue into your adult life from trying to cook lasagna, to speaking up for someone at great risk to yourself. In magick though, it really is the true key. If you perform your practice lazily or without confidence, you will gain little to nothing and will fall from magick, soon to just be on to another interest. For many of us who identify as some version of the very broad term “queer”, we have found in magick the way to claim our strength, power, and the belief in ourselves for the very first time. We see through the lies that were laid before us as children like a thin beam to balance on, lest you fall from grace and be shamed. We see that this world is an abundance of the male and female concepts blended into one and not rules that must be followed. We see that we are “allowed” to love whoever we want and therefore show kindness to those who need it. The kindness that was and may still be absent from our own lives. Seeing and realizing these things is power. Power that can absolutely be put into your magick.

In being a queer witch, these things are so blindingly apparent and are helping many of us to see the light through the darkness that has existed for so long. To rally for justice and respect for each other and everyone. To show love and kindness with welcoming arms to those that do not feel safe yet showing their true selves. Being a queer witch is a revolution, but not one that ends in bloodshed. It is one that ultimately ends in antiquity. In a reset of the system that we had no say in. The system that was formed for us and we were expected to adhere to. A system of making every person a replica that follows a broken way of life, based on hatred and dominance.

This is our time. This is our reality and much like the revered archetype of the magician, we are able to mold and form it into something better. Stand for yourselves and stand for those who cannot. Make yourself heard and overall, I beg you, love each other and love yourself.

As we stand up and support everyone no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexual preference, we can make the world see that queer witches are truly a light in the darkness.

Tim Theyson is a firm believer in making magick with anything you can find. Along with being a devout Hellenic Polytheist, he is a student in Ancient Greek magick and a practitioner of dead divination forms from all over the world. He can be found on Instagram and his blog.

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