5 Herbs for Protection

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At some point or another, anyone on a journey with witchcraft needs to learn how to protect themselves. As practitioners, we do a lot of things in our workings, whether that’s deity worship asking for guidance, general manifestation, or crossing paths with others in our everyday lives. This can leave us in a vulnerable position, and open up so many unknown factors. If we do not protect ourselves, then it can potentially create problems later on. So, general everyday precautionary protection from the world around us can also be really helpful. A great way to do this is with the use of herbs that you can easily introduce and weave into your everyday practice! Let’s have a look at the top five herbs you can use to protect yourself and how to use them.

01/ Angelica Root

Originating from Syria, this wonderful herb has a well-known rap sheet for protection! Used during the Middle Ages as a way to ward off the plague, because of its association to ‘purify the blood’. People used this by the bucket load, carrying it with them everywhere. The name itself Angelica archangelica even originates from the Archangel Michael who was said to appear in a vision to tell of the ‘plants protection against all evil’. 

How to use:

This makes a great sachet or a talisman to take with you in a pocket or bag, you can also plant it outside your house to protect your home, burn it as an incense to protect your space and energy and use it in a bath for a protection soak.

02/ Rosemary

No surprises here, rosemary is on the list! This herb is a serious contender and no joke when it comes to protection. If it isn’t already, it should definitely be in your witchy tool kit! The biggest historical use has been to ward off evil spirits and prevent nightmares from happening. Burned as incense in French hospitals and sick rooms because of its antibacterial properties which definitely help with its ability to rid most sickness and negativity.

How to use:

Rosemary makes incredible smoke bundles you can burn to protect yourself and home, added to anointing oils for protecting tools and use with spell candles, planted outside the home, used in water infusions and even added to food and drinks like teas.

03/ Basil

All hail the king of the herbs! Strong and vibrant, used in most popular culinary dishes, basil is also a great source of protection. Used in European culture to send off the deceased by placing bundles of basil in their hands to protect them on their journey to the afterlife and in English folklore to ward off harmful spells and protect against pests like scorpions and infestations, Continuously stated through history that ‘where basil lives, no evil can live’.

How to use:

Use basil leaves indoors, in each room to protect the home, you can also rub it on your body to protect yourself when you leave the house and plant outdoors to protect anything from coming into your space.

04/ Cinnamon 

This one is on the list, not only for its easy accessibility and affordability but for its strong energy and effectiveness. Cinnamon has been used throughout history for so many things! The ancient Egyptians used it in mummification because it destroyed bacteria growth, protecting the person into the afterlife and it was coveted by so many cultures that it was considered a gift fit for the gods. Packed full of warming fire energy which makes it a strong defence shield for negative energies and an incredible protection herb.

How to use: 

Hang tied bundles of cinnamon sticks above your door to keep out negative energy and protect your home, burn as an incense, add to anointing oils and to food and drink like teas.

05/ Juniper Berry

These wonderful little purple berries are fragrant and crisp, raising anyone’s vibrations. Preserved and used in gin by the Greek and Egyptian cultures throughout history for its ability to help aid digestion and raise physical stamina. Traditionally used to attract positive energy the same can be said in its ability to rid negative vibes, as well as breaking hexes. Guarding against theft and intrusion, physically and spiritually. 

How to use:

Put these into a protection poppet, grind up the dried berries and sprinkle around your home or front door so no negativity can enter, make an amulet or sachet to be carried with you, plant a Juniper bush outside the house or use in a tea. 

I hope some of these suggestions have helped you choose the right herbal tools to protect yourself and stay safe, have a happy Witching darlings! 

*Please note no herbs should be used internally or externally without consulting your general practitioner and doing the proper research before use, as some can cause serious harm. Please use caution at all times*

About the Author: Tess is a Canadian herbalist who has lived in the UK for the past four years. She started working with herbs as a way to change her and her families’ lifestyle and help with her overall health. She is currently working on extending her qualifications and becoming a herbalist full-time. You can find out more about her, and working with holistic medicine, on her Instagram page @theobscurawitch or her website, where she posts frequently about her herbalism journey.

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