Tarot Reading with Lena Wilde

Benjamin Blak is doing an epic hike of the South West Coast Path in the UK for the next several weeks and I am honored to be doing guest pick-a-card readings while he is away.

This week we have a New Moon in Taurus, which brings positive energies for simple and physical pleasures as well as awareness of ease and security. In this spirit, I’m using the Linestrider Tarot deck by Siolo Thompson. The imagery is pared down yet beautiful, and its guidance is usually very soft and comforting — the perfect voice for the energies of this New Moon in Taurus!

Take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground, hold your hands to your heart, and close your eyes, now take three deep breaths…in and out. 

Card #1 – Eight of Cups

Take stock of your emotions. Pay special attention to those things from your past that brought you a sense of joy or fulfillment. Do they still bring about those feelings? Be honest with yourself about it. Perhaps your feelings have shifted a bitt? Or perhaps it’s simply that things are out of balance instead. If so, now is a good time to change directions or begin anew. It will take some determination, but if you follow your heart’s inspiration then you will head the right way.

Card #2 – Wheel of Fortune

Change is inevitable. Welcome or not, it’s coming. How you experience that change is, of course, a matter of perspective. Looking ahead to the week, what changes are on the horizon for you? What steps might you take to prepare to adjust to them? You can’t plan everything and something surprising may well come up. But if you make up your mind to be curious and open, you’ll be ready to face the unexpected with more grace and resilience.

Card #3 – Justice

Something may be out of whack in your life. If things feel off-kilter, it’s time to look at the situation objectively from both sides. Tell the truth: have you somehow been tipping the scales in your favor? Or perhaps you’ve been ignoring something in hopes that it will just “go away”? Now is the time to adjust and restore balance.  The first step is being honest, then you can talk directly with the other people involved to figure out what steps can be taken to make the situation fairer (or equal). It can be difficult to take responsibility and make changes, but you’ll feel lighter once you do.

Lena Wilde is a late-blooming, solitary intuitive witch with passions for Tarot and astrology, especially in the context of self-discovery and empowerment. She lives in a rustic log cabin in the middle of the woods and seeks to bring wild spirit and intention to life. Follow her on Instagram @witchofthewilde and keep an eye out for her upcoming website launch.

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  1. love this. i picked card #2– im a leo and instantly saw my symbol on the card at the reveal. so so accurate. i can feel the change coming and im ready!

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