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About the Author

Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of number one Aussie 90’s electro-rock band, Def FX, before continuing on to author several best-selling books on Modern Witchcraft.

She is also a commercial pilot, public speaker, humanitarian aid worker, world record holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yoga instructor, freediver… and always a Witch.

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About Teen Magick

Teen Magick was first published in 2000 as “Life’s a Witch! A handbook for teen witches” and this new edition comes to us in the time of Covid and social media, creating a bridge for generations and a time loop where we are all teenagers.

It brings forth a much needed inclusion of gender identity and LGBTQIA community, which is so important to include in a book aimed at teenagers. This is an age where the discovery of self is more important than ever, bubbling with the added chaos of hormones and confusion that come with, while opinions about the world are still coming to life and the teen witch’s place in it.

For those of us older, it calls for a connection with the inner teen who, much like the inner child, often needs healing as well.

For many of today’s teens, their fascination with the Craft isn’t going to be ‘just a phase’; rather, it is the beginning of a lifelong spiritual and magickal adventure.” – Teen Magick

Keeping in mind that teenagers today have more responsibilities than ever, the author is well aware that when treated with respect, witchcraft can be handled by them. Teen witches are bombarded with information and a book like this will help sift all that knowledge, sit in quiet and think for themselves. This is just the beginning.

Having been asked the too common question on how to be a real witch and what to do about people who call themselves one just because they bought a witchcraft magazine, the author gives an amazing lengthy answer that I believe can resonate with everyone;

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what others say, do or call themselves. A witch (and i will refrain from using “real witch”) will follow her path steadily, learning, researching and practicing along the way,

Unlike other books of spells, this book has its spells woven along the story, being written as if it were a conversation between friends, where one expresses a concern and the other provides relief by sharing knowledge and a little spell work, including actual questions from tweens and teenagers sent directly through social media.

A chapter on circle casting and tools of witchcraft gives proper information for a teen witch to know where to begin and which tools to use, keeping in mind that some readers may not be allowed to own certain items. Although this is something we may read repeatedly on social media, it is somehow more powerful to see it in print. Teenagers and new witches will also get an introduction to the wheel of the year as well as the importance of working with nature, which is always available, with several spells that can be easily performed, and ultimately perfected.

The book delightfully shares anecdotal stories to accompany the lesson. One such story called “Help! I’m a magickal mess”, had me laughing my heart out and recollecting all the stories shared with me by other witches. Yes, I once returned to my living room to discover that my centrepiece made of candles and pretty nature offering had burned completely, and no, I wasn’t a teenager, I was almost in my 30’s. By sharing personal stories and background, the author takes us by the hand into her world, where we ponder about important things with seventeen year old Fiona and run into the woods with twelve year old Fiona, packed with a bottle of cordial and some biscuits, blending adulthood with the childlike wonder and emotions of her experiences.

The social media chapter might just be the most valuable and relatable to the modern teen witch, with tips for creating magical posts and how these posts should be seen as inspirational and stimulating, rather than just a rewarding system of ‘likes’, and how to positively manage social media.

Fiona Horne never forgets who she is writing for. Tackling subjects like vegetarianism, parental issues, school, love, sex and body awareness it helps create, once again, an open path for conversation, either between parents and their children or amongst witchy friends and partners, with a special chapter for ‘closet witches’ and an entire section dedicated to poetry and insights written for teens, by teens.

“Witches have known instinctively all along what we imagine can and will happen: we can affect reality by the strength and passion of our minds.” – Teen Magick

Something to learn…

No matter how sophisticated the world becomes, young witches have the same questions now as they did twenty years ago. This book may not contain all the answers but it does have a lot of the questions that linger through time.

It encourages the teen witch to go deeper, tapping into the power inside, reading on subjects written specifically to their perspective of the world, a world that can often feel lonely, and learning skills that will serve them – and others – like setting boundaries, exploring powers, and using their intuition, which in the long run, is what helps them find their way in the world, using this book as a map.

Something to make…

If using the book as a map, going through it can help create the blueprint for a first Book of Shadows, with forty four spells to choose from, the teen witch will have plenty to work with, and be it a ritual of gratitude or the awesome self-love spell, something magical is bound to come alive from it.

Teen Magick – Witchcraft for a New Generation may be purchased here

About Miss Snow:

Miss Snow is a Folk/Green Witch who loves studying the old ways and is currently living on the sunniest side of Europe, nestled between mountains. She uses the elements of the earth in her magic, working with the moon, herbs, flowers and her trustworthy tarot deck to light the way and fight the dragons.

You can follow the adventures on instagram where she often writes with the assistance of the Muses.

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