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This week I wanted to usher in the summer with the humour of The Ship of Fools tarot by Sebastian Brandt. Pause for a
moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath, close your eyes, then look at the three cards. From left to right pick one, two, or three.

Card Number 1: The Moon

Sometimes no matter how you angle yourself or what narrative you choose, the problem
just won’t go away. Rather than trying to avoid this elephant in the room, acknowledge that there is an
issue. Once acknowledged clarity will flow towards you just like the light of the moon. Sometimes we
don’t need to understand or fix everything, sometimes we must first acknowledge and observe its
existence. You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders this week, as all becomes clearer.

Card Number 2: Five of Cups

You are likely to feel pulled this way and that this week. You want to please people, but at
what cost? Sometimes you need to acknowledge that no matter what you do, you can’t please
everyone. Or please others at the expense of your own wellness or health. Shift your perspective to
the things which make you feel satisfied and loved this week. Try not to overstretch yourself as you
will likely feel undervalued. Working towards small goals you know are likely to pay off.

Card Number 3: The Wheel of Fortune

What old patterns have you slipped back into? In the past you have been unable to take responsibility
for your life, now is the time. Don’t get mixed up in other people’s drama, or your own for that matter.
Having a solution-focused attitude this week will move you on to the next path. Though it might feel a
little dull, if you stay focused then some old habits and behaviour can be put in the ground for good.

Hex Tarot is a professional tarot, palm reader, and witch. She teaches esoteric workshops on these subjects and writes regularly for occult publications. To learn more about her or for readings or course inquires head over to her websitePatreon, or Instagram.

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