Featured Shoppe: Inky Cap Coven

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Today we are finding out all about the amazing Inky Cap Coven!

Where is your shop based?

Northfield, VT USA

What does your shop sell?

Witch items, spells, tea, herbal salves, anointed candles, altar tools, and spell components

What inspired you to start your shop?

I have a long personal background in witchcraft, and have always felt truly connected to the moon, Earth, and nature. I started with divination to help others seek the answers they needed, and later incorporated herbalism in order to create some tangible tools. I kept seeing how human life was becoming more and more unnatural, our bodies thrown into chaos from being so detached from our true selves. I wanted to share my practices with others to help bring them a little peace, better health, and hopefully a happier spirit.

What is your favourite product and why?

I have quite a range of useful products that I enjoy using for myself! I’d say my personal favorite is my Bloodmoon tea because girl, it helps. As I have gotten older, my menstrual cramps have worsened to the point where ibuprofen and heating pads barely do anything. I also do not like the idea of taking too much ibuprofen, so I researched herbs that are effective for lady times. I tell you, there have been days where Bloodmoon was the only thing allowing me to function ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have any advice for new shop owners?

It may sound cliche but if you are doing what you love, the money will come. It’s all about manifesting. A new business takes all of your time, all of your energy, and all of your money to start out. It is a 24hr job, it is frustrating, it is hard to learn accounting and taxes, it is hard to get noticed. Just keep doing it. You will make mistakes, but then you will know. If all the while you know that this is what you want to do, you love your product, and you love having your own business, you will prosper.

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