Book Review: Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future by Brigit Esselmont

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About the Author

You won’t find Brigit Esselmont looking into a crystal ball or wandering around in crushed velvet dresses. She is down to earth and practical as most Taurus are, she just happens to use Tarot cards in everyday life and has become wildly successful at it. As an intuitive entrepreneur and business coach she helps other professionals build businesses based on their soul purpose. Brigit loves the Tarot and she spreads that love with enthusiasm believing that anyone can read the cards. She has authored two bestselling books and taught over 3500 students to confidently read Tarot. As the Founder of Biddy Tarot ( Brigit has inspired over seven million people a year to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide. She lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia with her husband and two daughters. You can join the Biddy Tarot community or follow Brigit on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

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About Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future by Brigit Esselmont

There is a moment when you shuffle your cards. The flap, flap, flap of the separated deck coming back together, the woosh of bridging the cards into alignment with each other. The sounds alone are hypnotic, they set the tone, connecting us to our higher selves. This is similar to what Brigit is doing in her book Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future. 

A lot can be said about Tarot. There are volumes and volumes of books on the card meaning, their history, background and more; but it is rare to find a book on Tarot that teaches you to connect to yourself first.

In this book Brigit has taken the art of cartomancy and simplified it to the point that it isn’t so much about the cards as it is your connection to them. Teaching readers not to focus on what the cards mean but rather what they signify to you is liberating and reassuring. And still, this is not an ableist text. Even though she stands firm in the idea that everyone can read the Tarot, Brigit expects you to put in the work, and she certainly leads you into it. 

With lessons and exercises throughout the book, readers set upon a journey of self discovery.

From the dedication page we are made aware that this book is for us, dedicated to us even. Our soul essence, inner wisdom, and infinite potential has been celebrated in the writing of this text. It wasn’t written for just anybody, it was written for you. This book isn’t about Tarot. It is about opening up and reconnecting with who you are. 

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Pick Up This Book Because

Whether you are brand new to the Tarot or you’ve been reading for years there is something to gain from this book. Brigit offers a new way of practicing Tarot that builds upon itself as you progress through the exercises. From dispelling myths to helping her readers separate the ego from their intuition this book comes out of the gate running. 

How often have you attempted to read your cards intuitively only to feel unsure whether or not you are seeing what you want to see in the cards? The first chapter helps to alleviate this anxiety and leads the reader to a sense of comfort in knowing that they can in fact see what is truly there in a spread. Since there are two ways to interpret the Tarot, Brigit expands on both reading from the book and reading from one’s heart. Starting with information on the meanings of the numbers, suits, and courts of the cards she then helps to remove the robotic lifelessness of a reading by suggesting that what you see in a card may be nothing like what the traditional meaning is. An early example given is The Moon card. The symbolism in this card alone can hold so much for the viewer, When it is suggested that one may be reminded of the phrase “Shoot for the Moon,” the entire context of the card is suddenly transformed, shifted into an altogether new idea. 

Everyday Tarot moves from laying out simple spreads for yourself to using the cards for self-discovery. There are exercises on releasing limiting beliefs, using the cards to self-heal, meditation, and discovering your soul purpose. Each one contains a step by step walk through on reaching the goal of the exercise while providing real world examples from Brigit’s own life. This enriches a sense of unity in the lessons while gently guiding you to a better understanding of who you are. 

Once connected to the Higher Self we are educated on using the cards to not only manifest our desires but also use the Tarot to help make decisions. In these practical applications it is not divination that lies at the base of each lesson but rather your connection to you, the ability to hear your own truth as it is expressed through the cards. All the while Brigit reminds us that the cards are not meant to be a crutch,  providing us with stories from clients that have gone overboard to others that truly found their own voice in the Tarot.

The Magic You Could Learn

Instagram and Facebook are flush with pictographs that show this layout or that spread that are meant to help the viewer identify how to get here or go there. If you’re anything like me then you are likely aware of these and have possibly tried a few only to feel disconnected in doing so. That is not going to happen when you work through the spreads found in this book. For starters forget about the Celtic Cross. You won’t see that spread suggested here.

The spreads found in this book feel real. They are organic and they don’t depend on some fancy layout rife with crossing cards and spirals. These are linear and direct. They have a flow but each one is simple and easy to remember yet still powerful enough to allow for the connection needed to help find your own answers. 

In the end this is a book that holds two useful teachings. It is an excellent resource for all Witches and readers to help find themselves again and stop feeling mechanical in their readings. And yet it also serves as a reference guide for spreads to help practitioners find the right career, make choices, identify their dream job, find true love or attract it to them, help work through break up, create their own Tarot rituals, and reconnect anytime they feel themselves slipping away.  

Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future can be purchased here

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Vincent is the author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life: Practical Advice for Transformative Magick which is published by Llewellyn Worldwide and will be released in June 2021. It is available for pre-order now. He has been called to Witchcraft his entire life but failed to pay attention for much longer than he would like to admit. Since truly taking this path seriously he has found his hunger for education is insatiable, he consumes books in an attempt to quench a thirst for knowledge. It is never enough. There is no subject Vincent finds taboo and he believes that every Witch’s voice is deserving of an audience.

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