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This week I am using the beautifully illustrated Crow Tarot, created by MJ Cullinane. Summer is making slow progress soon and everything will be in full bloom. But there is still much work to be done. The crow offers us his beady eye and inquisitive nature to look for the opportunities we need to blossom into.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, close your eyes, then look at the and look at the three cards. From left to right pick one, two or three.    

Card Number 1: Four of Cups   

You are ready for the next challenge. Life might feel a little predictable, any opportunity for fun, thrills, and adventure are likely to have you packing your bags without a second thought. But will those opportunities arrive this week? Not likely. What is that you will find contentment and entertainment from within. This is a great week to daydream, meditate, spend time reading, or in contemplation.

Card Number 2: Four of Wands      

All your plans and hard work will soon come together in a crescendo of joy and festivities. You truly deserve a celebration right now. Lay work and commitments to one side just for a moment this week and make a bigger commitment to celebrate the people and things you love most. 

Card Number 3: Two of Swords        

It’s time to prepare for every eventuality. You might be faced with a difficult decision this week. One which will leave you feeling drained and fixed between letting someone down or having to put aside your own needs. Fear not, all difficulties can be worked through if you communicate and more importantly negotiate your time and needs effectively to yourself and others.  

Hex Tarot is a professional tarot, palm reader, and witch. She teaches esoteric workshops on these subjects and writes regularly for occult publications. To learn more about her or for readings or course inquires head over to her websitePatreon, or Instagram.

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