Taurus Season 2021 with Fairlie Theta

Desire is tension. It exists only in the moments before it is fulfilled, with the bowstring pulled tight, begging for release. To shoot the arrow turns desire into reality, whether success or failure, satisfaction or emptiness is achieved. Just as archery requires extreme discipline and patience, so too does desire: one must hold that tension with care and strength until it is aligned with the target. Too often we wait for the target to move towards us, for reality to align with our own desires. We choose to live in a state of tension, turning it into conflict.

Taurus Season

This is the moment at which we arrive in Taurus Season, caught in the bow of an intense t-square between the Moon and Pluto pulled tight by the Sun and Mercury. We’ve lived in a Plutonian world for some time: it was the main player in the astrology of last year, part of the Capricorn Cabal pulling strings from the final degrees of Cardinal Earth. While its influence has lessened without backup from Jupiter and Saturn, both now steering us into the Fixed Air of Aquarius, it’s by no means dead. The King of the Underworld is our astrological indicator of power, control, and the authority we answer to when all is stripped away. At odds with the Moon, the celestial proxy for the collective, we find ourselves staring down our would-be oppressors once more. Someone needs to answer for the past. The Sun and Mercury step in time across the Taurean threshold and as they near Venus and Uranus, their message rings loud and clear: to thine own self be true. 

Full Moon in Scorpio

This may be tricky as the heavenly geometry unfolds: our personal planets dance in and out of fixed squares with structural Saturn revealing where our values and behaviors might be out of alignment, stubborn remnants of personal and societal stagnation. At the same time, each one crosses paths with Uranus, revealing strange and unusual solutions and situations. Taurus is not necessarily known for its adaptability – its Fixed Earth is among the steadiest energies in the zodiac – but growth is inevitable. The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives in those liminal hours between the 26th and 27th and brings a powerful shift in dynamic. Full Moons are the illumination of obstacles, and this one brings another square to Saturn – how and where have you refused to move forward? What roles and paths do you cling to even to your own detriment? What desires have become anchors? 

Pluto Retrograde

You’ll want to pull these up as soon as possible as Mars enters Cancer. The God of War isn’t particularly comfortable at sea, but in order to make any movement at all over the next eight weeks, we need to trust the process and live in that elusive flow. Pluto begins its annual retrograde on the 27th giving us a straight view into the shadows that so often weigh us down, and the first week of May brings the wind we need to fill our sails as Mercury and Venus move into Gemini. 

New Moon

If we can use these aspects to purge our hearts of heaviness, to take responsibility for our own desires and their fulfillment, the New Moon on the 11th brings a fresh start. The Sun and Moon align with Lilith, revealing exactly where we’ve created our own obstacles through fear and perceived inferiority, while Mars and Uranus give us the will to explore new values and ways of being. On the 13th Mercury trines Saturn as Jupiter ingresses into Pisces, his spiritual home, reminding us that expanding our horizons is manifold work: as within, so without. As the season winds to a close it reveals an important distinction to be made: if desire is tension, value determines the target. Release the tension and see where your arrows land. Dreams will come and go, desires wax and wane, but if your values are clear and your will is true, you’ll always hit your target. 

Fairlie Theta is a professional astrologer, writer, and witch. With her expansive Sagittarius Sun and eager Gemini midheaven, she actively continues to study magic, tarot, and astrology pursuing a 25-year passion for the metaphysical and occult. Her adventures in academia led her to study English, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and eventually obtained her BFA in Visual Studies from SVA, specializing in symbolism and subculture. Fairlie established her professional practice in 2010 and regularly hosts online workshops and shares her knowledge with a variety of communities. You can find more information on her work, consultations, and tools through her shop at MoonandMajesty.com or on Instagram where she blogs daily @fairlietheta and @moonandmajestyco.

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