Tarot Reading with Benjamin Blak

Hey babes! This week I am back and using my go-to deck, the trusted Rider-Waite-Smith! 

Take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground, hold your hands to your heart, and close your eyes, now take three deep breaths…  

Now open your eyes, take a look at the cards in front of you and choose the one that is calling your name…

Card Number 1: Eight of Pentacles

What is that thing you have been putting off doing? What do you keep saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” too? The Eight of Pentacles is asking you to call on your strength to get the task done, no matter how dull and repetitive it may seem, it asks you to take a look at the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve and to think about the rewards that lie on the other side of action. This card is reminding you to be disciplined and to preserve, let it give you the nudge you need to keep showing up, even when you don’t want to. Only you can summon the determination you need to get you to where you want to be. Don’t doubt your skill and ability to do this. Your strength is infinite. 

Card Number 2: Two of Wands

Don’t forget your personal power! The Two of Wands is calling you to make a decision and to do so from a place of passion! We see the figure in the card holding the world in their hands which is a reminder of your ability to be the co-creator of your life, however, when focusing on what could possibly do, are you missing the vital action step of stepping out into the world to make it happen? Are you doubting your abilities to succeed at something or do you feel like you need all the answers before you begin? This card is asking you to trust your gut and to trust yourself! Take a step beyond the confines of the castle wall and into the greater world at large, it can be a scary thing to take the leap of faith but so many possibilities lie ahead of you. You just need to decide where you want to go and make the decision to take a step in that direction.

Card Number 3: Knight Of Pentacles

Slow and steady wins the race! The Knight of Pentacles is all about action, but they are more concerned with the end game rather than any immediate results. If you are finding yourself with a long term vision, this Knight asks you to be practical and realistic in your approach, to put systems into place that can allow you to slowly take steps towards achieving your goal, It may be a long and winding road, and it will require a lot of hard work, but the rewards at the end of it will be fruitful! If you already have a project underway, the Knight is here to remind you to keep on going and to not give up! Sometimes when we are dedicated to completing a task, it can lead to us feeling a loss of passion and excitement, it can be a lot of effort without much joy. This card asks you to remind yourself why you started in the first place, what was that drive and passion that sparked the beginning of that journey for you? Can you reconnect with your emotions so that the hardworking nature of this Knight doesn’t leave you feeling gloomy and uninspired? Find a way to reconnect to that spark so that you keep on going! You’ve got this!

Benjamin Blak is a professional Tarot reader, teacher, and Witch. He is dedicated to encouraging self-empowerment through the tools of Tarot and spirituality practice. He shares his thoughts and ideas through his video content and services. To learn more about Benjamin and his work, you can visit him on his websiteInstagram, or YouTube channel

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