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It’s April! The renewal we observe in nature often pushes us to make changes in our own lifes in preparation for the yearly cycle ahead. The Ship of Fools Tarot by Sebastian Brandt offers us a playful, sarcastic and darkly humorous perspective about how we can utilize the energy of spring this week. 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Then look at the cards and choose the card you are most drawn to. 

Have a great week.


Card Number 1: The Hangman

Be careful you are not biting off more than you can chew this week, take time to think about what change will deliver. These changes are inevitable in your situation and need to happen, this will involve making some sacrifices. But be methodical about what you are willing to let go of, make sure you are building secure foundations before you move forward with your life goals. Unplanned changes and disruption to your inner peace are likely to occur this week. All you can do when this occurs is ride the waves and take these disruptions as opportunities for you to respond from the heart and higher self. 

Card Number 2: Four of Cups

There have been some doubts about your life path, which have led you to seek fulfillment away from your inner peace. Your impulses have delivered some instant gratifications but only your higher expression of self will elevate you from this rut. All the answers you need are right in front of you. Have faith in yourself and the universal consciousness. You don’t need to journey beyond your own resourceful self, even your front door to see that the universe is delivering all it promised. Spend some time meditating or in quiet reflection this week, your prayers will be answered, if only by you. 

Card Number 3: Knight of Cups 

Knight of Cups can promise that your dreams will come true in the form of a saviour, ready to sweep you to safety. For some of us, this will mean a week of love and romance, rose-tinted or not we will certainly feel secure and charmed. The Ship of Fools deck has a dark ironic humour and reminds us not to fall into the arms of just anyone, in the pursuit of security or love. Don’t let an outpouring of emotions put you into a situation you can’t back away from. Avoid declarations of love unless you are really sure. If you are certain, then this really will be a magickally romantic week. 

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